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Should You Wait To Get The iPhone 13?

by Jessica Petyo August 02, 2021

Should You Wait To Get The iPhone 13?

It’s that time of year again when iPhone fans face the dilemma—should you wait for the newest iPhone or get the already amazing current model sooner or for less money?

While many rumors indicate the next iPhone, whether named the 13 or the 12s, will be significantly similar to the current model, there are a healthy number of potential upgrades in the iPhone rumor mill as well. Some of these upgrades may be inconsequential to everyday users, but others may enjoy a measurable improvement for their most common tasks.

The high likelihood of finding price breaks on nearly-as-good iPhone 12 models come fall is enough to give many buyers pause. And, for phone users who like to buy and hold on to phones for many years, waiting a couple more months and paying a little more is a reasonable strategy. In this breakdown, we’ll cover some of the possible new features and use cases that might make waiting—and paying more—for the iPhone 13 worthwhile.

Photography Improvements 

Some insiders say all iPhone 13’s, even base models, will come with Apple's LiDAR depth sensor. LiDAR is currently only available on iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max models, so waiting for the 13 could be beneficial for photo mavens who prefer not to pay for the Pro or Max models.

Potential Lens Updates

Lens updates may utilize a four-sensor setup with the following specs:

  • LiDAR 4.0.
  • 40MP .25x min ultra wide lens w/ optical reverse zoom.
  • 40MP telephoto lens w/ 3x-5x optical zoom and 15-20x digital zoom.
  • 64MP wide-angle lens w/ 1x optical zoom and 6x digital zoom.
  • 64MP anamorphic lens (2.1:1).
  • New Pro and Max Aperture of f/1.8.

Upgraded Camera Stabilization

Other reports are saying sensor-shift camera stabilization will come to the entire iPhone 13 lineup. Currently, this is only available on the iPhone 12 Pro Max, forcing you into the model with the largest display.

Greater Astrophotography Capabilities

There’s a chance the iPhone 13 will be equipped with stronger astrophotography skills as well, further establishing the iPhone as a viable replacement for lugging a DSLR.

Improved Video And Filters

Potential camera software upgrades for the iPhone 13 include: 

  • Portrait mode feature for video 
  • ProRes video recording
  • New filtering system that enhances colors

  • Higher Storage Capacity For Images And Video

    If you take a ton of photos and video and could use more than the current max of 512GB of internal storage, it might be worth waiting. Leakers online and analysts are claiming Apple has a 1TB iPhone in the works.

    Display Upgrades Over The iPhone 12

    120hz Screen Refresh Rate

    For lovers of big beautiful displays, the iPhone 13 is being widely predicted to boast a new 120Hz ProMotion refresh rate on the Pro models. Gaming, video, and interacting with the device will be astoundingly smooth and crisp.

    Always-on Display

    Another likely display upgrade is an Always-on mode similar to that on the newer Apple Watch models. This is useful for catching a quick glance at the time or key info without needing to touch the device.

    Smaller Notch

    Some find the current “notch” for Face ID at the bottom of the iPhone 12 display to be distracting and less than ideal from a design standpoint. The iPhone 13 is likely to see an updated smaller notch, providing less interrupted viewing.

    Touch ID In-display 

    Less reliable sources online are saying Apple may bring back Touch ID on the iPhone 13, likely beneath the display, for faster unlocking when your face is obstructed. This is a similar setup to newer models from Samsung.

    Data Transmission Speed Improvements

    Better 5G Connectivity

    The iPhone 13 may come equipped with Qualcomm's new smaller, more power-efficient Snapdragon X60 5G modem. The modem can also utilize mmWave and sub-6GHz bands at the same time for increased performance.

    Faster And Stronger Wi-Fi Access

    Numerous analysts are saying the iPhone 13 will come with the ability to access the new Wi-Fi 6E standard. The 6GHz band Wi-Fi 6E is similar to the Wi-Fi 6 standard, delivering higher performance, faster data transmission, and lower latency.

    Battery And Charging Upgrades

    Reports around the internet by analysts and leaks are claiming the whole run of iPhone 13 models will come with larger battery capacities than the iPhone 12. Taiwanese firm Trendforce thinks that changes to the phone’s internal design will allow Apple to fit higher-capacity batteries into all iPhone 13 models. For users of all but the iPhone 12 Pro Max, this is a much-needed improvement. 

    If rumors prove true, the battery capacities of the new iPhone 13 will likely be:

    • iPhone 13‌ mini - 2,406mAh, up from 2,227mAh on the iPhone 12 mini
    • iPhone 13‌/13‌ Pro - 3,095mAh, up from 2,815mAh on the iPhone 12/12 Pro
    • ‌iPhone 13‌ Pro Max - 4,352mAh, up from 3,687mAh on the iPhone 12 Pro Max

    Faster Charging Capability

    Some are also saying the iPhone 13 will be able to support 25W rapid charging, up from the already powerful 20W charging capacity of the iPhone 12.

    New Colors 

    Would it be an iPhone release without new colors? If Apple’s newest colorways just introduced on the new iMac are any indication, the iPhone 13 range could have a vivid selection of colors to choose from.

    With a vibrant purple already available in the iPhone 12 line, it’s not a stretch for the company to offer a broader palette for their newest phone, especially if the outside appearance isn’t considerably different from the outgoing model. At the very least, matte black and orange are rumored to be the most likely new colors on the iPhone 13.

    Protect Your iPhone 13

    Whatever new features make the iPhone 13 the strongest contender for your next phone, one thing is for certain—these phones are an investment to protect. While the newest iPhone screens come with ceramic coatings, the beautiful aluminum exterior surfaces can still be marred by drops and impacts. That’s why Rokform provides a full range of iPhone 13 cases, including minimalist crystal cases and Rugged cases for the ultimate in protection. Check them out, and get on the list for updates!

    Jessica Petyo
    Jessica Petyo


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