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The New PRO-LITE™ Bike Mount is no April FOOLS!

by Jeff Whitten March 30, 2017

The New PRO-LITE™ Bike Mount is no April FOOLS!

With CNC machined aircraft grade aluminum and patented RokLock® twist lock, ROKFORM’s Pro Series Bike mount has become the most trusted choice of cyclists seeking secure mounting that’s lightweight, streamlined and durable. Rokform® has lead the iPhone and Galaxy smartphone bike mount market because of its superior build quality and ease of use. Now ROKFORM has something new, the PRO-LITE™ Bike Mount shipping March 30, 2017.

Pro-Series Bike Mount

The new ROKFORM® PRO-LITE™ Bike Mount is lighter and stronger than anything ROKFORM® has made in the past and is even easier to install. One aluminum bolt on top of almost any 1 1/8” steer tube securely holds the mount and installs in just minutes. The durable black anodized aluminum finish will stay looking great and blends seamlessly into the bike. Proven on the Road and Trail under the toughest conditions, the new ROKFORM® PRO-LITE™ is a welcome new addition to the ROKFORM® line of high performance bike mounts.

Rokform Pro-Lite Bike Mount

The ROKFORM® Bike Mount testers have a proven record in the cycling industry not just in Southern California, but worldwide. Dave Cullinan is a former Downhill MTB World Champion. Johnny O’Mara is a multi-time National MTB Cross Country Champion and AMA Supercross Champion. “I love the adjustability of the PRO SERIES™, but for me, I wanted something lighter and more compact. For the PRO-LITE™ we started with a clean slate and the goal of making a true extension of the bike to hold the phone without it looking like a giant piece of plastic aftermarket crap like most of the junk out there.” Said Dave Cullinan VP of Business Development. “I tested the PRO-LITE™ myself along with Johnny O’Mara on the trails, hills and roads of Southern California. It really works even over big hits, and once you take the phone off, you don’t even know it’s there.”

Johnny O'Mara

Each part is cut from a solid block of aircraft grade aluminum with precision cutters providing superior strength over a casting. The finish on a machined part is also better because castings have a muddy finish as opposed to a bright clean finish when anodized.

Pro Lite Bike Mount How It's Made

ROKFORM’s new PRO-LITE™ bike mount solves the problem normally associated with adding a bike mount. Most mounts are incredibly ugly and bulky and just look bad on the bike. ROKFORM® knows that people who care about their bike don’t want excess bulk and an ugly clamp or pieces of plastic sticking up all over the place. The ROKFORM® PRO-LITE™ fits low on the stem and acts as a seamless extension of the bike as opposed to a clumsy add-on part. Customers love the well thought out design, security and function. “Best piece of equipment that we have purchased for a bike so far. Lives up to all the billing.” –Joseph B.

Pro Lite Bike Mount

The ROKFORM® PRO-LITE™ Bike Mounts are available as a stand-alone upgrade kit for existing ROKFORM® case users for $39.99, with a Universal Adapter if you don’t have a ROKFORM® case for $49.99, or a complete kit with an iPhone, Galaxy or Google Pixel case, PRO-LITE® bike mount and a magnetic car mount for $69.99. All PRO-LITE™ bike mount kits include a CNC Machined Aluminum Bike Mount, 2x 5mm Carbon Fiber spacers to fit almost any rise bar, aluminum screw and safety lanyard. Available online at in our Irvine, CA showroom, or ask for it at your favorite bike shop.

Jeff Whitten
Jeff Whitten


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