Use These Apps to Improve Your Golf Game

by Krista A. July 28, 2021

Use These Apps to Improve Your Golf Game

As anyone who’s ever golfed before knows, being a good golfer requires more than just a powerful swing. Golfers must possess mental and physical strength to succeed. Improving one’s swing form, studying the course and understanding weather patterns are some of the ways in which a player can get ahead of their opponents. But did you know that there are tons of apps that are built to help you gain an edge? Here are some of our golf app favorites that can be downloaded from the Apple App Store and App Stores for Android smartphones.


Best golf apps for…

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Overall improvement to your golf game - 18Birdies

With more than thirty-six thousand ratings and an average review score of 4.9, Golf GPS 18Birdies is one of the top-rated game improvement applications in Apple’s App store. The app’s free version provides some highly coveted features, like a GPS rangefinder to find your distance from anywhere on the course and the ability to keep track of handicaps while scoring.

It also claims to work on every course in the world, giving golfers everywhere accurate distances to greens and course obstacles.

The premium version takes it up a couple of notches with a feature called Caddy+, which acts like a pocket caddy by giving you access to advanced stats to help you improve and personalized distance and club recommendations based on elevation, temperature, humidity, wind data and more.

Beyond some amazing features that are sure to help you improve, 18Birdies is also home to a huge community of golfers. Upload swing videos to the app and get instant feedback from the AI Coach or share with the online community for tips from the apps supportive community of golfers and instructors.


Analyzing your swing - Zepp Golf Swing Analyzer

How might someone improve their golf swing if they aren’t able to see what their swing looks like? Enter the Zepp Golf Swing Analyzer app, an app that allows you to record swings, trace overlays, and share highlight videos with your golf friends. In addition to just recording your strokes (your smartphone’s built-in video app can do that, after all), Zepp also connects to your Apple Watch to offer primary real-time swing metrics. According to the Apple App Store description, the Zepp Golf Sensor takes it up a notch by “instantly measuring the most important aspects of your swing: club speed, club plane, tempo, backswing length and more.”


Finding and booking tee times at a deal - GolfNow

Book your next tee time with GolfNow, one of the top golf apps in the App Store. The app helps you quickly and easily book tee times available at over 6,000 golf courses worldwide. On top of that, GolfNow also has a Hot Deal section, helping you find and book amazing deals at thousands of golf courses.

With more than 34,000 reviews and an overall rating of 4.7 in the app store, this is one golf apps that you have to try.


Live golf tournament updates - Golf Channel

Keep track of the latest scores, news and schedules from all major tournaments with Golf Channel. The app covers the biggest golf tournaments, so you can get live scoring updates and even live streams while you’re out enjoying a round or two of your own. Set notifications for your favorite golfers and tours, so you never miss an update.


Keeping score of your games – mScorecard

If all you are looking for is a simple app to keep score of your games, look no further than mScorecard. It collects stats for up to five players while also calculating handicaps. An additional feature of this app is the ability to analyze stats and share them with friends.


Playing by the rules- The R&A Rules of Golf

There are so many rules in golf that it’s understandable if you’re a little rusty on the official golf rules. That’s where The R&A Rules of Golf app comes in. It’s easy to use and packed with rules, definitions on tips from everything to course rules to game etiquette. Plus, it’s free.


Using the apps with your Rokform case 

Rokform Golf Shooter

When you’re on the course, it’s easy to access your smartphone and the connected golf apps with a Rokform case. That’s because the magnet built into our cases conveniently grips onto multiple surfaces on a golf cart, so you could even capture footage or view the app hands-free from your golf cart. Not only does this simple signature feature free up your cup holder to use for bev cart purchases, it puts all of our favorite apps and much more at your fingertips.

Don’t forget to pick up Rokform’s specific accessories for golf, the G-ROK Golf Speaker and the V3 Golf Shooter. The G-ROK is dustproof, waterproof and boasts a 30-foot wireless range (use responsibly!). 

After many requests from Rokform customers, we are stoked about releasing the Golf Shooter earlier this summer, allowing you to instantly convert your smartphone into the perfect golf tool. It is the perfect accessory to help you quickly get video feedback on the range or golf course, so you can continuously improve every aspect of your swing. Simply push the Golf Shooter into the turf, attach your Rokform case to the Golf Shooter using magnet technology or RokLock Twist Lock mount system, line it up with the right view, and shoot your video. It’s perfect for use with any swing analyzer apps.

Do you have a favorite golf app that we left out of our list? Share your top golf apps in the comment section!



Post updated on 07.29.2021.

Originally published on 01.18.2019.


Krista A.
Krista A.


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