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Weekend Project: Build an Ergonomic Home Office

by Ashley Schiermeyer October 04, 2012

Weekend Project: Build an Ergonomic Home Office

Working from home can be great, especially if you’re distracted easily by others’ phone calls, music, chit-chat, etc. Setting the tone of your home office is only half the battle; you might be missing some easy tips and/or changes to making your environment more ergonomic and efficient.

  • Choose the right chair. So important! Without the proper chair, nothing else will fall into place. Your best bet is to choose an upholstered chair with 5 legs for stability and casters for mobility. A good chair may end up being the most expensive component of your office, but if you’re sitting for 8+ hours on it then it might be worth it! Check out this Leap Chair bySteelcase.
  • Choose the right desk. Is seems simple, right? Head to your local furniture or office supply store and get the desk that matches your decor and taste. Wrong. Choosing an L-shaped or U-shaped desk will allow you to have the most efficient work space. Make sure your desk is at least 24 inches deep and 29 inches high. A computer keyboard should be between 24 1/2 and 28 inches off the floor.
  • The Monitor. Positioning your monitor correctly is not only important for ergonomics, but can help with eye strain. If you are using a tablet instead, make sure to choose an iPad Standthat offers precise viewing angles. Your monitor or tablet screen should be at a 15 degree viewing angle, and positioned away from a direct light source to avoid glare. Keep it as far from you as possible while maintaining your ability to see without constant focusing.
  • Posture and positioning. Your Mom always said to sit up straight! Keep your head aligned over your shoulders with your feet flat on the ground. Shoulders should be relaxed and comfortable, with your keyboard at elbow height. Elbows should also be at a 90-degree angle with typing wrists straight.

There are many other ways to create an ergonomic home office. Leave your tips and ideas in the comment section below.

Ashley Schiermeyer
Ashley Schiermeyer


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