Pro Series Motorcycle Perch Mount

SKU: 334201P

Polished Aluminum
    • CNC machined 6061 T6 aircraft grade aluminum
    • Adjustable viewing angle rotation works in both Portrait and Landscape views
    • Versatile fit – This universal mount fits most Harley Davidson Motorcycles and most Metric and Indian Cruisers with 37mm – 42mm spacing or 1.45” – 1.65”
    • Available in both Black and Polished Aluminum
    • Includes Lanyard

    Rokform's Billet Aluminum Motorcycle Perch Mount allows you to stay connected while on the road. Our new mount provides a sleek, low profile look that offers a wide range of adjustability and mounting angles. With both black and polished aluminum finishes, this mount blends seamlessly into your bike's original design.

    • Motorcycle Perch Mount
    • Metric and SAE Hardware
    • Tool for Mounting
    • Lanyard
  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Will this mount fit my motorcycle?

    1. The motorcycle perch mount fits any motorcycle with 37mm – 42mm spacing or 1.45” – 1.65” Bolt Spacing. To see if the mount will fit your specific motorcycle, please reach out to the dealer you bought your bike from or the bike’s manufacturer. Each kit includes the required hardware for Metric and SAE motorcycles

    Does this come with the mount and case or just the mount?

    1. This product listing is just for the mount. You will have to purchase your case sepaerately. Any of our Rokform cases will work with this mount!

    What happens when I order?

    1. As soon as you place your order we will start preparing your order for shipping.
    2. You will get a confirmation email right away. As soon as we start preparing your order you will get a second shipping email with a tracking number.
    3. Within 5 business days you will be able to start enjoying your new Rokform Product.

    What if I change my mind?

    1. We have a 60 day 100% Money Back Guarantee. To learn more about this guarantee please see our Return Policy.

    What if I have a problem?

    1. We have a 2 Year Warranty to make sure that you have the best Rokform experience. Our Customer Service team is here to help drop them a line by emailing

Securely mount your phone with just a twist

The RokLock twist lock system is super easy to use. Simply twist and lock, and your phone is securely mounted right where you need it. The CNC machined aluminum RokLock twist lock system is the most durable and reliable way to secure your phone. While other companies may use claws, clamps, and plastic that can crack and break, we only use Aircraft Grade aluminum and stainless steel, making for an amazingly strong, secure, and lightweight way to keep your phone safe and secure. The ROKFORM Pro Series Motorcycle handlebar mounts work with any of our RUGGED or CRYSTAL series cases for the Apple iPhone and Samsung Galaxy. Don't have a ROKFORM case? No problem. Try one of our Universal Adapters, which are designed to adhere to almost any phone or case to allow the ability to use all ROKFORM mounts.

You have better things to hold onto

With a ROKFORM Pro Series Motorcycle Perch phone mount installed on your bike, you can free up your hands and keep them on the bars instead of fumbling to find your phone. Easily mount the Pro Series Perch mount to the right or left side of your handlebars and get the perfect view.

Adjust for your perfect view

With multiple points of adjustment, the ROKFORM Pro Series motorcycle perch phone mount can be adjusted to find the most comfortable view in just the right spot on your bike.

Low Profile design looks great with or without a phone

With its CNC machined aluminum construction, the ROKFORM Pro Series motorcycle perch phone mount looks great with or without a phone. The design allows it to blend into the controls and materials already on your bike, unlike plastic mounts or claws that never look like they belong on your pride and joy.
A motorcycle mount phone holder is often an overlooked accessory. Still, there are not many things more important than keeping your hands free so that you can focus on the road. With a ROKFORM Pro Series perch mount, you can do that in style without taking away from the look of your bike.

Easy to install in just minutes

With the included tool, you can install the ROKFORM Pro Series motorcycle perch phone mount in just minutes. We include two sets of custom screws and a wrench that fits them both. No matter if you have a Harley with standard (SAE) threads or a bike with metric threads, this kit fits them all. The stainless-steel screws will never rust or corrode and feature a Torx head so they are nearly impossible to strip unlike allen / hex head cap screws that can easily strip and round out. All of the adjustments and installation are done with just one included T-25 wrench size to make installation and adjustment just that much easier.

When you have completed your 5-minute installation, simply twist and lock your way to easy hands-free access to your phone.

Built to last

The ROKFORM Pro Series motorcycle perch phone mount is intended to last as long as you own your bike, and the next one. All parts are made to last and will not wear out, degrade from the sun, crack, or break. This might be the last motorcycle mount you will ever buy.

Tough materials that blend into your controls

When designing the Pro Series Motorcycle perch phone mount, we took into consideration what the bike may look like without a phone installed. We use much more expensive materials and manufacturing processes than most other mounts. The entire mount is made from Aircraft Grade Aluminum (instead of plastic), because it's one of the most common motorcycle materials and it’s extremely durable. We also offer two finish options - black anodize to blend with all of the controls, or polished aluminum that blends perfectly with other polished aluminum components and chrome handlebars.

What’s in the box

Everything you need to install your ROKFORM Pro Series perch mount is included, even an installation tool. Installation is easy, takes just a few minutes, and can be completed just minutes after being delivered to your door. There are two sets of screws included. One set of (SAE) standard screws for Harley’s, and one set of Metric screws for all other bikes.


WARNING for California residents. Learn More.

Customer Reviews

Based on 361 reviews
Russ M.
Great product

Holds the phone securely

Sterling c.
Perfect for the king

2nd bike I’ve setup with this mount. Perfect and clean look. Thanks a lot guys

Jeanne S.

Sleek, sturdy, works great and easy to install.

Ernest D.
Just as advertised

Works just as it should. Excellent craftsmanship, too bad it gets covered with a mount. I have a Rok Form Motorcycle Bar Mount attached and it works great.

Anthony C.
Great mount

Just used for the first time on a long trip...4 days and over 1300 miles...although I had the angel wrong, the mount held up great to all kinds of weather and road conditions.

Johnathan M.

I've had an x-grip on the crash bars of my Harley Softail Slim S for a long time and wanted something different. The Rokform perch mount is awesome. Looks good, it's sturdy, and gives me a much better view and easier (one-handed) access to my phone when i need it. I have 15" ape hangers so was worried the perch mount would be too high. I also have a kuryakyn sound bar mounted at the bottom of my bars, so the bar mount option could only be used on the vertical portion of my bars. Opted for the perch for the cleaner look and glad i did. It's perfect

Chris S.
Great customer service and product seems nice too

In Only about a week into using this system for the first time. So far order shipping and customer service is on point. Perch mount didn't work for my 07 1100 spirit Honda Shadow but they Remedy situation fast. I'm now running the bar mount and the phone seems ferm and easily used in mount. It'll take me time to get used to lining up mount blind but overall I'm very happy with my purchase. My only concern is wind because I don't run any type of windshield. I'm a bit apprehensive of 90 mph wind with phone angle and plastic case tabs. Only time will tell but seems very secure.


It's great on the road glide and great on the low profile dash magnet!

Gonzalo S.
The perfect mount!!

I had been looking through Amazon for a long while. I have an FZ6 S2, and the handlebar is kinda narrow, plus in the middle there's this embellishment between the braces that renders the middle area unusable for mounts. And then there's the turns which are quite narrow. So I when I saw the perch mount I thought that could work. And I was right!!

The mount secures amazingly to the front brake brace, although there was a little bit of fiddling before finding the right order of the bolts, washers, and pieces. But now, it's there and it doesn't move! It looks great, it works better than expected, and it is super comfortable.

The price, shipment price (which was FedEx for me), and having to deal with FedEx and customs was well worth it now that I get to enjoy it.

I just wished logistics were a bit easier, but that's outside or Rockform's business... But it would make the experience that much better

Marek M.
Great product

I have received my order yesterday and already installed. Installation was easy, took me few minutes to adjust the way I wanted. it was installed on 2013 Victory High Ball with no windshield. This is the first time me ordering expensive mount plus separate case for my phone and i was vary scapticle about performance such as movement at night speed or phone falling off. Let me tell you, best $160 i have ever spent, phone clicks in vary nice and secured, at 70 miles per hour it stays where it need to be, no movement and easy to take off once you are done. The only think i would suggest is to include extra wrench to adjust the tension on the back of the mount, part where the case clicks in. Besides that i give it 5 stars, 10 if i could. Great product and we'll worth the money