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2022 Holiday Gifts for Commuters

by Krista A. November 25, 2022

2022 Holiday Gifts for Commuters

There’s still lots of time to find the perfect gift for everyone on your list, but don’t let the time go to waste! Americans spend an average of 17,600 minutes behind the wheel each year, so getting a gift to improve their drive time is a safe bet! It’s time to talk about the best holiday presents for the commuters in your life.

As the ultimate car mounting solution, one of Rokform’s MagSafe car mounts is the only gift you’ll need when shopping for someone who spends even a small amount of time in the car. That’s because no matter how often you’re on the road, a secure mount can be a lifesaver. 


Why commuters will love Rokform MagSafe auto mounts

  • It keeps drivers connected to everything they’ll need on their smartphones while on the go, from navigation and incoming calls, to their favorite music apps

  • Super grip face magnetically secures phone

  • Low profile design looks great on any dash

  • Enables drivers to safely view calls, text, and GPS, handsfree

  • It can be used in conjunction with other Rokform power accessories, like the RokLock Wireless Charger and Premium Car Charger


Gifting the right MagSafe® mount

Rokform has three different MagSafe® Compatible mounts to choose from, each with a different mounting location. Sometimes this comes down to personal preference, but other times one mount simply provides a better viewing angle for a particular car make and model. Here’s a quick overview of the benefits of each one.


Rokform Vent Mount - MagSafe® Compatible

Any commuter will appreciate being rid of hassling with clamps, claws, or spring-loaded mounts that can clutter their view. Simply slip the vent mount in between air vents and the mount is ready to use. The Super Grip Vent Mount has a large face and big grip area for secure mounting. Use with any Rokform magnetic case. 

Buy Rokform Vent Mount - $39.99


Rokform Swivel Dash Mount - MagSafe® Compatible

For commuters with limited air vent space, the Swivel Dash Mount is the perfect alternative. It attaches to car dashboards (or any smooth surface, really) and works with any magnetic Rokform case. It’s called the Swivel Mount because the CNC-machined aluminum swivel allows for 350-degree rotation. 

Buy Rokform Swivel Dash Mount - $49.99


Rokform Windshield Mount - MagSafe® Compatible

If the commuter you’re shopping for prefers to have their smartphone in their direct line of sight while driving, the Windshield Mount is the perfect gift. It uses a heavy duty suction cup to mount onto car windshields. Once mounted, the mount offers 210 degrees of tilt and 360 degrees of rotation, so every driver is sure to find the perfect viewing angle. The Windshield Mount secures phones into place using RokLock, requiring a Rokform case with RokLock. Need to purchase a Rokform case to go with the mount? No problem – you can shop one from the Crystal, Rugged or Fuzion Pro collection.


Buy Rokform Windshield Mount - $59.99


Rokform Magsafe Car Mounts

Rokform Windshield Mount


Find the perfect gift for everyone on your list

We’re in the middle of releasing all of this year’s holiday gift guides! Make sure you subscribe to our email newsletter to receive our upcoming guides. Up next, shop the perfect gift for golfers.


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Krista A.
Krista A.


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