5 Devices That Are Being Replaced by Your Phone

5 Devices That Are Being Replaced by Your Phone

Every year as new phones are released, they seem to be replacing common items we've relied on. As phones get smarter and smarter, learn how Rokform can provide mounting and protection solutions for your device.
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One device replacing another is nothing new. With the invention of a new piece of technology, there usually comes the decline of another. MP3s replaced CDs, CDs replaced cassettes, cassettes replaced 8-tracks…and so on. With all the uses our phones have these days, it’s no wonder smartphones are replacing more than just one piece of technology. Here are just 5 devices that cell phones have begun to replace.

  1. Alarm clocks. Many people like to sleep right next to their phone at night in case they get a call, and all cell phones have a handy alarm built right in, so it makes sense that people are replacing their old alarms with the ones on their cell phones.
  2. Landline phones. A recent study found that more than a quarter of American households don’t have landlines anymore. It’s no big surprise. It seems that the only calls most of us get on landlines are from marketers, anyway. Our friends and family generally use cell phone number since they know they’ll be able to reach us even if we’re not home.
  3. Digital Cameras. We’ve already written about how you can take great photos with cell phones, plus they’re always right with you if you happen to come across a great opportunity for a photo. Who needs an old point-and-shoot camera anymore?
  4. Navigation Systems. Garmins and TomToms used to be on everyone’s wish list, but those devices seem kind of redundant when you have the same technology in your pocket at all times, don’t they? They’re especially redundant when you can mount your phone to your dashboard with Rokform’s remote mounting system.
  5. Wristwatches. All you have to do is press 1 button to see what time it is (plus how many email messages you have, and whether or not someone has mentioned you on a social network) on your cell phone. Sure, many people still use wristwatches as an accessory, but now they’re more like jewelry than a useful device.

What’s something that you’ve found you no longer need now that you have a smartphone? Leave a note for us in the comments section below!

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