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The Best Truck Phone Mounts in 2023

by Krista A. January 02, 2023 2 Comments

ROKFORM Swivel Dash Phone Mount in GMC Sierra Denali Truck

For truck owners, it can be especially hard to find a reliable location to mount their smartphones. Many mounts you find on the market are not only bulky, they actually block visibility, ultimately doing more harm than good. We’re showcasing the best truck phone mounts to use on the most popular truck models. For the ultimate choice in Magsafe® phone mounts for your truck, look no further than adjustable arms, swivel heads, and top-of-the-line options to ensure a perfect view of your phone screen. We're also including a sweet photo collection of the best spots to place the mounts for maximum use and optimal visibility. 

What to Look For When Choosing The Best Truck Phone Mount

When choosing the best truck phone mount, make sure to look for one that is adjustable and secure. Choose a mount that has a secure locking mechanism or strong magnet, and a sturdy base that will keep your phone in place even on bumpy roads. Also, make sure the mount can be adjusted to fit any size phone, so you can enjoy hands-free access to your phone while driving. Finally, look for a mount with a mounting system that is easy to install and remove, so you can switch it out between vehicles or when needed.

ROKFORM truck phone mount in GMC Sierra Denali

ROKFORM specializes in car phone mounts for trucks and offers premium magnetic and twist lock phone cases that are designed to keep your phone secure while you're on the road. Our mounts feature rugged construction, adjustable angles, and options to fit any device

Our magnetic phone cases for iPhone and Galaxy also feature a slim design, military-grade protection, patented RokLock twist lock, and a strong magnetic attachment that allows you to quickly and easily mount your phone to any truck dashboard. With ROKFORM, you can be sure you're getting the best truck phone mount and protection for your phone when paired with a Rugged or Crystal case. 

1. Rokform Swivel Mount

This easy-to-use car dash mount attaches to your dash or any smooth surface with strong 3M VHB. Once installed, the 4 strong magnets are specifically designed to work with any ROKFORM magnetic phone case with amazing ease providing the industry’s most powerful hold. 

  • 360-degree rotation 
  • Small, but mighty – Less than 1” wide
  • Super grip with easy install – 3M VHB adhesive is residue-free
  • Premium materials – made with CNC-machined aircraft-grade aluminum 
ROKFORM Swivel Dash Phone Mount for trucks

2. Rokform Vent Mount

It can be difficult to find an open, accessible spot on your dashboard. The Super Grip Vent Mount easily installs onto any air vent for a secure hold. 

  • Mounts onto your truck air vent
  • Small size, powerful hold – Less than 1” wide with a 15 lb pull for the ultimate grip
  • Universal system – a thin steel plate is included for use with any phone case
  • Super grip – vent clip is made from Super Grip TPE that won’t slip
  • Convenient – transfer to any vehicle at any time

3. Rokform Low Pro Dash Mount

The beauty of the Low Pro magnetic dash mount is its versatility. Since it is less than an inch wide, you will find multiple spots on your truck dash to mount your phone.

  • Small size, powerful hold – Less than 1” wide with 15 lb. Pull for the ultimate grip
  • Super grip with easy install – 3M adhesive backing mounts to any flat surface
  • Unobstructed view – small size for the perfect fit on your dash
  • Transfer to any vehicle with replacement 3M VHB tape
Low Pro Phone Dash Mount for trucks

4. Rokform Windshield Suction Mount

The Windshield Suction Mount installs onto any windshield with advanced suction technology.  The adjustable arm ensures you'll find the ideal viewing angle over any terrain. Pair with Rokform's patented twist lock protective phone case for the ultimate hands free experience.

  • 210 degrees of tilt and 360 degrees of rotation
  • Patented RokLock Mounting Interface
  • Advanced Suction Technology
  • Transfer from vehicle to vehicle at any time
Rokform Windshield Suction Phone Mount for trucks

The Best Truck Phone Mounts

What are the Best MagSafe® Truck Phone Mounts?

ROKFORM MagSafe truck phone mount in GMC Yukon

If you’re looking for the best MagSafe® phone mounts for your truck, you’re in luck. With a variety of options available, you can easily find the best truck phone mount to fit your needs. MagSafe® mounts are designed to hold your phone securely in place while you’re driving, so you can keep your eyes on the road and your hands free. These mounts come in different sizes and styles, so you can find one that fits your truck and your phone perfectly. Some even feature adjustable features, so you can get the perfect view of your phone screen. 

Watch the Dual Magnetic Super Grip Vent Mount in action!

For a secure and reliable mount for your truck, Rokform offers premium Magsafe® magnetic phone mounts for your vent, windshield, and dash. This is the best truck phone mount for those using any MagSafe® phone case, but you can get the strongest hold when using a Rokform Rugged or Crystal magnetic phone case. 

What are the Best Phone Mounts for Ford F-Series?

As the most popular truck brand in America by sales, we had to find the best spot to mount smartphones inside Ford trucks. The newer Ford F-Series has some great locations to mount the Swivel Mount and Low Pro Mount (just check out the photos above!). Air vents in the newer models are smaller than previous versions, but you can easily mount Rokform’s Vent Mount onto the top slot of the air vent.

For older Ford F-Series trucks, the best place to mount is still the center driver’s side air vent. The air vent itself is a bit smaller, but the vent clip has no problem grabbing onto the air vent slats. There's also plenty of space to install Rokform's magnetic dash mount.

1. Swivel Mount

2. Super Grip Vent Mount

3. Low Pro Mount

What are the Best Phone Mounts for 2020-2023 Chevrolet Silverado?

We have found that the best mounting options for the 2020 Silverado are the Vent Mount and the Windshield Suction Mount. The large vents are perfect for the Vent Mount and the expansive windshield allows for plenty of mounting options for the Windshield Suction Mount.

1. Vent Mount

2. Windshield Suction Mount

What are the Best Phone Mounts for 2022 GMC Yukon?

There are great Rokform mounting options in the GMC Yukon. The open spot on the dash works perfectly with Rokform’s Dual Magnet MagSafe Swivel Mount without cutting access to any control or buttons on the dash. There is also an open space on the driver’s side for the Magnetic Windshield Suction Mount.

1. Dual Magnet Swivel Mount - MagSafe® Compatible

2. Magnetic Windshield Suction Mount - MagSafe® Compatible


What are the Best Phone Mounts for Dodge Ram Pickups?

Like the Chevy Silverado, Ram trucks have well-sized center air vents that work well with the Vent Mount. Stick the mount on the top slate so airflow won't be blocked by your phone and you can stay cool. There's also a ton of space just to the left of the air vent, if you prefer the Low Pro mount, or plenty of dashboard room for a Swivel Mount.

1. Swivel Mount

2. Vent Mount

3. Low Pro Mount


What are the Best Phone Mounts for GMC Trucks?

If you own a newer GMC Denali truck, the Swivel Mount is the best truck phone mount option. As you can see in the photos above, there's plenty of space on the top-center of the Denali dashboard. The Vent Mount can also be used to mount onto narrow but long air vents.

Swivel Mount

What are the Best Phone Mounts for Toyota Trucks?

The new Swivel Mount looks great on any Toyota truck dash. The air vents are smaller than what you'd find in the Chevy or Ram, so a Low Pro or Swivel Mount are your best options.

Swivel Mount

toyota tacoma swivel mount, toyota tacoma phone mount, toyota tunda phone mount

What are the Best Magnetic Phone Cases for Truck Mounts?

Rokform's magnetic phone cases offer the perfect combination of style and protection. The Rugged cases offer a more tactile look, while the Crystal case will allow your phone’s color to shine through. The integrated magnet system, and patented RokLock twist lock, allow for one-handed operation and secure mounting for your phone. The cases are designed to protect your device from scratches and other damage. The slim design of Rokform's magnetic phone cases gives you full access to all ports and buttons, so you can use your phone without taking it out of the case. The Rokform phone case is designed to be compatible with a variety of mounts for bikes, motorcycles, cars, golf carts, and more, making it the perfect accessory for any outdoor or auto enthusiast, and a solid choice for the best truck phone mount.


Why Rokform?

Since 2011, Rokform has been the pioneers of safe magnetic mounting for smartphones. The magnet is 100% guaranteed safe against affecting GPS, Bluetooth, wifi, credit cards, Apple pay, data transfer, or camera.

Rokform cases have been thoroughly tested to ensure your case is reliably protected and the proof is in the customer stories. Smartphones have been run over by trucks and dropped from over 5 stories high and survived because they were protected with Rokform cases! All Rokform products are backed by a two-year warranty and award-winning customer service.

Do you have your Rokform mount mounted on a different location? Take a photo of your setup and share it with us!

This post was originally published 6.20.2018 and updated on 1.1.2023 to reflect product changes.

Krista A.
Krista A.


2 Responses

Robert W
Robert W

July 13, 2017

My Tundra is especially tough to mount w/out blocking the air vents. I use the Rokform windshield mount in all three of our family cars & trucks to ensure a universal fit no matter the driver or phone.

Mike Schatz
Mike Schatz

July 13, 2017

I’m not in the habit of writing reviews, but as a user of Rokform’s products for a few years now, I wanted to add a comment.
I purchased the air mount and have it installed in my F-350. Not only has it proven to be the most practical phone mount I have come across, both in terms of its ease of use and the proximity to the driver that it presents, the quality is typical Rokform: exceptional. An added benefit that wasn’t really contemplated when I made the purchase is that of keeping your phone nice and cool, even while sitting in the hot sun. Any iPhone user who has experienced their phone shutting down to cool off due to undue heat exposure should surely appreciate this.
Keep it up, folks!

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