Galaxy S22 Camera Settings Guide For Instagramers

Galaxy S22 Camera Settings Guide For Instagramers

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Samsung’s official Galaxy Unpacked event has finally happened, and the new Samsung Galaxy S22 models are being shipped. These flagship phones have been updated with new camera hardware as well as software, taking their competitive advantages up a notch or two.

During Unpacked, Samsung announced a new collaboration with Instagram, Snapchat, and TikTok, making their phones far more enticing to digital influencers using older versions of the phone or even longtime iPhone lovers wanting to maximize the quality of their content.

Between the upgrades to the phone itself and the tighter integration with social media platforms, Instagram influencers have a lot to be excited about with the Galaxy S22. Let’s dive into how this phone can help you deliver improved content.

Galaxy S22 Camera Integrations With Social Media Platforms

Unlike many other smartphones on the market, both night mode and the telephoto lens will now be possible directly from Instagram, TikTok, and Snapchat.

Instagram influencers, in particular, will be overjoyed about the new camera options. Having access to improved night mode digitally enhances pictures taken in low-light situations such as exclusive late-night spots. In the past, these scenes have been exceptionally difficult to capture the full ambiance of, but now it’s possible right within the app.

Content creators will also love integrated access to the upgraded zoom function, including the optical telephoto lens within the apps. All of this is made possible by the faster new processors in the Galaxy S22 lineup.

Getting The Most From Your Galaxy S22’s Camera Capabilities

Adding to the attraction of the new line of Galaxy phones to creative content producers are the numerous new camera options within the native camera app! It’s now easier to photograph and film a wider range of content and scenes using an S22 series phone by leveraging new features like Object Image Stabilization, Night Portrait, and Auto Framing. 

With Night Portrait, you’ll enjoy far higher-quality selfies with your besties in the evening, along with more crisp videos courtesy of Object Image Stabilization. The Auto Framing feature automatically focuses on individual people within a group for more seamless focal transitions. Also, don’t forget the existing and outstanding features like Director’s view and Single take. Let’s cover each of these camera capabilities, so you get perfectly dial in your social media content.

S22 Object Image Stabilization

Object Image Stabilization has been improved on the S22 series to do an even better job at reducing blurriness during sudden movements while recording videos. Now it’s much less work keeping everyone in the frame for smoother, more precise video content for your Reels or Stories.

How To Use The Object Image Stabilization Feature

  • Navigate to and open the Camera app, and then tap VIDEO.
  • Choose 1x, 3x, or 10x as the zoom (10x Telephoto is only available on the S22 Ultra).
  • Tap Record to begin filming. Object Image Stabilization will work automatically.
  • Tap Stop when you’re all done recording.

S22 Night Portrait Mode

The upgraded Night Portrait mode on the Galaxy S22 series enables you to capture remarkably bright portraits in astoundingly dim places. You can even take clear photos of the night sky and even stars using a stable mounting device!

Night Portrait mode can be used with both the front and rear camera lenses, but it’s not available when using the 3x zoom function, so keep that in mind when setting up your shot.

How To Use The Night Portrait Feature

  • Open up the Camera app, and then tap PORTRAIT.
  • When the lens sensors detect you are in a dark location, the Night shot icon (which looks like a crescent moon) will appear in the bottom right corner of your phone’s viewfinder.
  • The Night shot icon will illuminate yellow when it's enabled and turn back to gray when it's disabled. If you need it on, tap the Night shot icon to enable it.
  • Tap Capture while holding your phone as steady as possible.

Auto Framing On The Galaxy S22

The Auto Framing feature was first rolled out by Samsung on their Galaxy Fold series of phones, but now it’s available on the S22 series as well. Auto Framing works by automatically adjusting and following people found within the viewfinder, along with tracking anyone new who enters the frame. The Auto Framing feature can be used with both the front and rear lenses, making it ideal for going live on Instagram with the crew!

How To Use The Auto Framing Feature

  • Open up the Camera app on your phone and tap VIDEO.
  • Tap the Auto Framing icon (it resembles a target) in the bottom right corner of the screen to turn on the feature. The icon will illuminate yellow when the feature is turned on.
  • Start by holding your phone far enough away from the subject to enable them to be clearly seen by the camera, then hit Record to begin filming.
  • You’ll notice that when a new subject enters the viewfinder, the camera will start to follow them while still focusing on the original subject.
  • Just tap Stop when you’re finished filming.

More Features For Instagram Creators

Your S22 comes with numerous other features that can take your Instagram game to the next level.

Utilizing Portrait mode empowers you to capture stunning shots of yourself or your friends by automatically applying a depth of field effect, along with enhancing Blur and Backdrop effects. With the Director’s View feature, you can record videos using each of the phone’s different lenses, enabling you to film something in front of you while recording yourself simultaneously! When you want to take multiple photos at once, use Single take to capture cropped shots, filtered photos, and even videos in only seconds.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Protection

Wherever you’re capturing dimly-lit live streams for Instagram, be sure that your phone is covered in case you drop it on the unforgiving floor. Rokform keeps your phone protected from drops and shocks with their lineup of phone cases for Galaxy S22 phones. Check them out today, and tag us in your next Instagram post!

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