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Rokform and Rever For Your Phone Mount

by Ashley Schiermeyer December 07, 2016

Rokform and Rever For Your Phone Mount

If you live for life on two-wheels, motorized two-wheels that is, then you have likely heard of a growing app and website called Rever. Designed to “change the way motorcyclists navigate” the app helps riders discover the best places to ride and create custom routes all while tracking and sharing the experiences encountered with your friends.

With Rokform being born from Two Brothers Racing, motorcycles are in our blood. We love seeing how people take full advantage of using our motorcycle mounts while out on the open road. From Carey Hart to Jesse Rooke to Tony Carbajal, riders know the benefits of having their Rokform protected devices with them.

Motorcycle Mount

Now it gets even better! Rever has teamed up with Rokform to provide those who have purchased and future purchasers a 30 day FREE trial of their PREMIUM service. This gets you extras such as access to Butler Maps Segments, Offline Maps, Friend Tracker, Exporting GPX files and the ability to create groups.

We got with Rever’s Justin Bradshaw to find out a little bit more about Rever and what makes it so great!

Why did you start Rever?

About eight years ago I helped start a company called Butler Maps, they make printed road maps highlighting the best roads in the U.S. We had lots of demand for a digital version of our maps and so I began working on solutions to get that unique content to people on their GPS devices. As cell phones got better and better it became clear over the years that mobile based navigation was the future. It took a while, but I ended up connecting with an incredible technologist who is now the co-founder with me here at Rever. We turned the idea of showing people good roads into something much bigger with the tracking, planning, and community elements that exist in Rever today.

We also ride bicycles and ski a ton around here and have been using activity based apps like Strava, MapMyRide and others for a while now. We wanted a platform like those for ourselves and for the motorcycling community so we decided to build it.

What makes it unique?

There are features and content that make Rever unique from a product standpoint, but really what I think it boils down to is the focus and commitment to motorcycles. Everybody here rides and races and really understands motorcyclists and what we want out of technology. We are 100% committed to building the world’s largest community focused specifically on sharing and quantifying motorcycle riding experiences.

Using Rever

What are some of Rever’s plans for the future?

This is just the beginning for us. Rever launched in 2015 and we’ve seen dramatic growth all over the world in a really short amount of time. The sky's the limit but keep an eye out for some really groundbreaking stuff especially for the off-road and road race communities in the very near future. Also, expanding the Butler Maps content for the touring crowd globally is a priority, in fact we just launched a German language version of the app that includes thousands of miles of roads in Germany that we personally scouted and rated. That content really helps riders discover the best roads and get the most out of a ride.

What are your thoughts on the Rokform Motorcycle setup?

Super Solid! This really is the definitive set up for any type of motorcycle riding. Having your phone mounted to your bike with a Rokform mount running the Rever app will be the standard for riders all over the world.

Ashley Schiermeyer
Ashley Schiermeyer


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