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Rokform Customer Stories: Dan Zeigler

by Krista A. January 23, 2018

Rokform Customer Stories: Dan Zeigler

When Dan purchased his first Rokform product over 3 years ago, he was looking for a secure mounting solution for his iPhone. As an avid cyclist from Kansas City, Missouri, Dan needed reliable access to his phone while mountain biking and road cycling. For him, the Rokform Pro Series Bike Mount (often referred to as ‘V3 Mount’) was the perfect solution.

As Dan shared his story with us, there were two words he kept repeating—'stable' and 'secure.'

 “The v3 mount creates a secure and stable system for all types of cycling along with easy access to the phone. Most cycling mounts are cheap and fall off, or you have to store the phone in a bag or pocket,” Dan wrote. “The v3 mount and case solves this problem. I do not have to stop and get my phone out of a bag or pocket; I can ride with easy access to my phone at any time!”


Dan riding singletrack through Swope Park in Kansas City, Missouri.

Dan has definitely pushed himself and his mount to the limits—he rides single track on his mountain bike, rides downhill at places like Trestle MTB Park, and goes 50+ miles on long distance road rides. No matter the intensity, his phone has never fallen off.

His favorite feature of the V3 mount? Well, he mentions two-in-one. The RokLock twist lock mechanism that secures the phone case and the mount’s easy installation onto his handlebar stem. 

The case is very practical for everyday use…The magnet creates a way to free up your hands when multitasking with the phone.

In addition to providing phone stability on his rides, Dan’s [v3 bike mount] kit has solved other problems he didn’t realize it would. The Rugged Case that was included has created new, super convenient ways for Dan to use his phone.

“When at the gym I can place the phone on the rig and view my works outs, track my time and watch the timer count down. I mount the phone on my tool box when working on my bike. I can watch videos on maintenance/repairs while working on my bike. The magnet creates a way to free up your hands when multitasking with the phone.”

rokform toolbox magnet rugged series

When he’s not outside or working out at the gym, Dan works in the financial services industry. But when Dan began working as a part-time Uber and Lyft Driver, he found another Rokform product he could count on. He recently purchased a Windshield Mount so he can safely drive around with GPS in sight, but out of the way.

Rokform is by far the best option for day-to-day use and/or active lifestyles. It has been the best case I have ever used and I will be a lifetime customer.

We asked Dan why recommends Rokform products and his answer was clear—“Rokform is by far the best option for day-to-day use and/or active lifestyles. It has been the best case I have ever used and I will be a lifetime customer…I tell everyone [my phone] is a Rokform and to buy one. You will not be disappointed.”

Want to see just how stable and sturdy the Pro Series Bike Mount is when Dan's tested its limits? Check out the videos of his rides at Trestle Bike Park and Slope Park!

Dan riding downhill with his Rokform mount at Trestle Bike Park in Winter Park, Colorado.

Products Dan uses

For clarification, Dan purchased the Pro Series Bike Mount Kit, which includes both the bike mount and the Rugged Case. Below are links to the kit, as well as the products for purchase separately. 

Pro Series Bike Mount (v3)

pro series bike mount v3 rokform


Rugged Case

Rokform Rugged ip6


Windshield Suction Mount

Rokform Windshield Suction Mount


We’d like to send a BIG shout out to Dan for sharing his story with us and cutting the awesome footage he shot on his rides! 

If you've got a cool story to share about your Rokform case, let us know! We'd love to hear it. :)

Krista A.
Krista A.


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