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Rokform Keeps Your iPhone and Samsung Galaxy Handy

by Jessica Petyo September 17, 2013

Rokform Keeps Your iPhone and Samsung Galaxy Handy

Last week, Apple announced the new iPhone 5s and 5c, making many speculations truth. We have been banking on several of the leaked specs in an effort to provide functional accessories as soon as possible. At the end of last week, we announced our preorder for the signature Rokform 5c case and are still offering to toss in a bonus car mount!

Speaking of mounts, this is a great time to highlight one of our favorites around the office and many of our customers agree. To give a quick background, our smartphone cases have a special design that allows for a large selection of mountable accessories to work in harmony with the phone case. Of the many, our TPU non-slip grip is placed in the back of each case. The grip prevents an otherwise injection-moulded polycarbonate case from slipping around on smooth surfaces.

The Magnetic Mounting Kit comes with a replacement TPU grip insert, 10lbs rare Earth magnet, and an easy-stick black mount – the Lil-Rok – all of which replaces the standard non-slip grip. With the added magnet, placing your phone in useful places is made easy. The inserted magnet, provides easy attachment to frequently used household items like the refrigerator, garage workbench, and the bathroom mirror.

For other non-magnetic surfaces, the included rare Earth magnet can be placed using an non-residue 3M adhesive. A common location to use the included Lil’Rok is a vehicle dashboard, as you see pictured above. Considering there may be several locations you prefer to place your newly magnetized case, we also offer additional Lil’Roks for purchase in a highly polished silver, or matte black finish.

Below are just a few of the pictures some of our excited customers sent over to us. First, the magnet kit keeps an iPhone away from the sandy beach. Second, within arms reach, this customer is using his kit to keep an eye on important business(?) calls during a round of golf. Finally, one customer submitted three pictures of her case keeping the iPhone places for cooking and reminders. Finally, check out our video!

As you can see, there are many different ways to utilize your smartphone once it is paired with a handy magnet, even if your surface is not magnetized. Of course, before adding the Magnet Mounting Kit, a compatible case is necessary. To complete your setup, check out our excellent cases for either Galaxy or iPhone devices.

Then, once you are ‘rok’ing a new case, make sure to browse over to the Magnet Mounting Kit and all of the other 27 accessories. Again, as a friendly reminder, preordering an iPhone 5c is a great way to start off with a free car mount and, if you need an extra incentive, subscribing to our newsletter will instantly land you a 10% coupon.

Please, check back often, because as Apple heads into the fall, we will be releasing new products to match all of the great new gadgets.

Jessica Petyo
Jessica Petyo


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