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Rokform's Best Holiday Gift Guide for Commuters

by Ashley Schiermeyer November 29, 2016

Rokform's Best Holiday Gift Guide for Commuters

Thanksgiving is here! No need to freak out with the great gifts we have lined up for the commuter in your life. And if they’ve never used a Rokform product, here is your chance to BLOW THEM AWAY with your thoughtful gift.

Windshield Suction Mount - $39.99

Rokform's Suction Mount

For the dad that is always on the road, the Windshield Suction Mount is sure to add a win to your gift-giving score sheet. The highly adjustable arm will get your phone is the perfect spot, while being secured with the strong suction pad. Attaching the phone is easy with the RokLock ready to go.

BAM Mount - $19.99

Rokform's Magnet Mount (BAM)

Many of the cases come with a BAM Magnetic Mount, which is why people quickly realize it’s a great idea to add another to their daily routine, including driving. Make sure you’re never without a hands-free experience when you’re driving kids to and from soccer, or using the navigation to get to that next sales call.

AUTOSEAL West Loop Travel Mug- $20.99

Ultimate Coffee Mug

For those who spend some serious time in the car, taking a drink to go is pretty much a MUST. The AUTOSEAL West Loop is spill proof and will stay “piping hot for hours” for those of us who like to sip and not chug. If you know someone that struggles with spills in their car, this seems like a no brainer.

Car Kick Mats with Storage Pockets - $10.95

Car Kick Mat with Pockets

For less than $11, this backseat pocket storage will get all that junk off the ground and seats and into a nicely stored space. Perfect for when winter weather comes and shoes are snowy and dirtier than normal.

Black Rubber Vent - $5.50

Vent with Scent

If you have that one friend who’s car isn’t omiting a great fragrance, the Black Rubber Vent Clip from Bath & Body Works is the inexpensive and easy solution. Don’t let that odor get in between your friendship.

Ashley Schiermeyer
Ashley Schiermeyer


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