Rokform's Best Holiday Gift Guide for Motorcyclist

Rokform's Best Holiday Gift Guide for Motorcyclist

Don’t freak out but gift giving time is upon us! Rokform has created a GO-TO holiday gift guide for motorcyclist in your life.
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Thanksgiving is here! Don’t freak out but gift giving time is upon us! We’ve created a GO-TO holiday gift guide for motorcyclist in your life. And if they’ve never used a Rokform product, here is your chance to BLOW THEM AWAY with your thoughtful gift. Rokform is was birthed from its sister company Two Brothers Racing so it’s easy to say that motorcycles are in our DNA. With that several products were created to help make a motorcycle rider’s life easier.

Motorcycle Handlebar Mount Kit - $149.99 (Mount Only $123.99)

Motorcycle Handlebar Mount

For the non-sportbike rider (they can pick up the Fork Clamp Mount), the Handlebar Mount Kit is the perfect addition to any motorcycle. While utilizing the same security features of the Fork Clamp Mount, the mount attaches to your motorcycle’s handlebar with the adjustable arm setting up the perfect view. Now you can quickly click through music or load in a route in your maps to get you safely to the next destination. And did we mention the sleek aluminum design will catch the eye of any onlooker.

RokGlass Tempered Glass Screen Protector - $29.99 - $33.99

Tempered Glass

For those who live an active lifestyle (or can I get an amen to the clumsy folks out there), the RokGlass Tempered Glass Screen Protector is an extra line of defense from drops and dirt. The Japanese-made glass is ultra strong, while still providing crystal clear picture and sensitive touch. And when you remove it down the road, there is no sticky residue left behind.

The Big Bathroom Book of Motorcycle Trivia - $12.51

Motorcycle Book

For the motorcyclist who has everything, this might be a great addition to the library. Go beyond the magazine subscriptions and give them something that will challenge their motorcycle cognition.

J&P Cycles Thinsulate Gauntlet-Style Gloves - $39.99

Motorcycle Gloves

With the weather taking a turn for the cold, these gauntlet style gloves are the perfect way to stay stylish and keep warm while out on the road. With an ultra-warm Thinsulate lining and a heavy-duty leather velcro pull, these gloves will get you from one destination to the next without thinking about how cold your hands are.

Weego Jump Starter - $149.99

Weego Charger

When you see the word jump starter, you might think that this may only jump start your two or four wheeled transportation, but it’s much more than that. It’s powerful enough to jumpstart those cars, trucks, and motorcycles, but it also is handy enough to power laptops and other SAE electronics. Best part is how compact it is. Be a jem and get your buddy the Weego.

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