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Step up your remote office set up with Rokform

by Krista A. July 21, 2021

Step up your remote office set up with Rokform

For more than a year now, office workers around the country have adapted to the “new normal” – a world where team collaboration no longer lives inside mostly in-person meetings and team lunches, but rather in Slack messages and Zoom meetings. While many office workers have already switched back to the office commute, others are being allowed to work from home or work remotely than ever before. 

In the early days of the pandemic, reports of people adapting with makeshift desks, such as this one put together with just an ironing board and a cardboard box, made rounds. As people grew more used to the idea of working from home, many upgraded their home office setup to truly maximize work productivity no matter where they’re from.

If you’re working from home or enjoying remote work life from a beach in the Caribbean, you can count on Rokform accessories to help you maximize your remote office setup. Read on to discover our favorite Rokform products for working remotely.


Crystal Case

A Rokform phone case is a must-have in order to make use of the magnetic technology that’s built into our accessories. Crystal is a great choice because it’s slim and lightweight. With the integrated magnet, you’ll be able to connect to all of Rokform’s magnetic accessories featured on this list.

The Rugged case is a good option for more active workers who need a “rugged” solution, or anyone prone to phone accidents.

Buy Rokform Crystal Case


Sport Ring

Rokform Sport Ring Stand

The Sport Ring is one of our favorite multifunctional accessories. It functions as a finger ring to give you extra grip when you’re holding your smartphone, a phone stand in both portrait or landscape for easy viewing (or easy conferencing) and a magnet to connect to any magnetic surface. Made with stainless steel, titanium, aluminum and fiber-reinforced polymer, this multi-accessory is built to last. 

Our favorite use for working remotely is to connect with your team on conference calls. This is especially handy when you’re away from your usual office set up and don’t have a second monitor for easy viewing.

Buy Rokform Sport Ring Stand


G-ROK Portable Wireless Speaker

Rokform Wireless Speaker

No matter where you’re working, one of the best ways to improve productivity and cognitive performance is listening to music. While using a portable speaker at your office desk may be frowned upon, you likely aren’t following any strict office etiquette as you work remotely. The G-ROK portable speaker is the perfect Rokform accessory to help you get into a productive work flow. With a 30-foot wireless range and 24-hour battery life, you’ll be able keep the music playing for much longer than your workday. It’s also dustproof and waterproof for those fun after-work adventures.

Buy Rokform G-ROK Portable Speaker


Swivel Mount

Swivel Mount Phone Stand

The Swivel Mount may be designed to be mounted in your car, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t great for use in other places, too. With the adhesive backing made with 3M VHB, this mount can be attached to any smooth surface. Think desktops, countertops, shelves, bookcases – it can be used to mount your phone for easy viewing on really any space you might use to work! With a 360-degree rotation on the swivel, this is another great accessory to help you stay connected when you don’t have all your office equipment.

Buy Rokform Swivel Mount


Have you found ways to add other Rokform accessories to your office set up? Share your office set up with us in the comments!

Krista A.
Krista A.


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