Survival Series: remote in Utah

Survival Series: remote in Utah

 Today we’re sharing a story from Tim, who was riding through a remote part of Utah when his situation got serious.

Since we started sharing the Survival Story series, a lot of tales have come in about our mounts working amazingly well, even when people don’t realize it. For example, someone accidentally leaving their phone on top of the car and then driving away, only to realize it’s still on top of the car miles later after driving at top speeds. But what about those difficult and less frequent situations when your phone is your critical connection to get help? Today we’re sharing a story from Tim, who was riding through a remote part of Utah when his situation got serious.

The Survival Story

I want to say THANK YOU for making such a great product! I have had the phone cases for quite some time now and love them. Sadly I was in an unfortunate motorcycle accident where I hit a guardrail and broke my leg (Pretty bad) and if it wasn't for the phone mount I could have been in serious trouble. It happened in a remote part of Utah. After being thrown from the bike I crawled back to it and low and behold there was my phone still attached to the handlebars. I was able to call 911 and get help. I can't thank you enough for making a case and mount that is truly worth it. It possibly saved my life as there was literally no traffic to speak of. Again you have my deepest gratitude.

We were so happy to receive this story from Tim and hear that he was able to get help, even in the most remote parts of Utah. If his phone had been broken in the accident, there's no telling how long it might've taken for him to get the help he needed. The truth is, we never know when accidents will happen. No one holds a crystal ball. But we can do things like all the important safety checks to gear up for riding or even just being properly equipped with a reliable phone mount and case. 

Thank you again to Tim for emailing us your survival story. We hope you're leg is healed up and that you're out exploring more of beautiful Utah!


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