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Survival Series: G-ROK magnetic speaker vs. highway

by Krista A. December 11, 2020

Survival Series: G-ROK magnetic speaker vs. highway

It’s been awhile since we shared a story from our survival series, where we highlight a customer story about a situation gone bad, but saved or improved thanks to a Rokform product. Today's survival story is about a product that's never been featured in the series – the G-ROK speaker!



The Survival Story

One Rokform customer messaged our team to share photos from his survival story. John actually only sent us one photo and one short message but, quite frankly, it was all we really needed to understand this survival story. 

Rokform G-ROK survival story

As you can read from the message John sent to a friend immediately after finding his beloved speaker still stuck to his passenger side door, John drove to and from work before discovering that his G-ROK speaker was attached to the outside of his car.


...and here's the photo he took right after discovering that his G-ROK magnet was able to withstand 90mph speeds on the highway...


Rokform Survival Story G-ROK speaker 



The Gear

The G-ROK is a wireless speaker that’s built for rugged adventures. In addition to being drop resistant up to 5-feet, the G-ROK speaker is IPX7 waterproof and dustproof, has a 30-foot range, and has a battery that can pack up to 24 hours of play time.  

It’s fitted with an ultra strong magnet which you can stick onto golf carts and other metal surfaces. If you want to be like John, you can put it on your car and hit the highway, although we don’t recommend it.

It’s also embedded with our RokLock mount system, so it can be used with Rokform mounts. 





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Share your survival story

Do you have a Rokform survival story that you want to share with us? If so, just email us at or leave a comment below! Don't forget to send us a photo if you have one! :)

Krista A.
Krista A.


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