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Survival Series: keeping health monitors visible

by Krista A. June 14, 2019

Survival Series: keeping health monitors visible

Since we launched the Survival Series on our blog, we’ve read and received lots of stories about Rokform cases saving the day. Today we're sharing a story that talks about the Rokform ecosystem by featuring both a Rokform case and bike mount. But this isn't a typical survival story. Randall highlights another way his Rokform case and mount are part of his survival story...


The Survival Story

"I have to say this thing is pretty amazing, your phone will not go anywhere with this mount. I can lift my 20lb gravel bike using my phone attached to the mount… so far I'm super happy with the mount, it's not super heavy, install was a snap, it puts my phone right where it needs to be without interfering with anything which is super helpful as I have type 1 diabetes and wear a glucose monitor and, with the phone being in front of me, I can easier see my blood sugar level and/or get warnings if it's dropping while I'm riding etc. Highly recommend this over some of the other ones out there, it is pretty stout."


We’ve shared several stories about phones surviving big drops because they were protected by Rokform cases, but Randall’s story stands out because the mount is actually helping him monitor critical glucose levels for his type 1 diabetes. We’ve set out to make people’s lives easier, and this story demonstrates to us that our products are doing just that. Thank you, Randall, for sharing your story with us!


The Bike Mount

v4 bike mount rokform

Randall’s survival story highlights two key aspects of the V4 mount—security and accessibility.

Design was at the forefront when building the V4 Bike Mount, predecessor of our super successful V3 Pro Series Bike Mount. The goal? To build a secure mount that helped our customers access their phones safely and easily.

The V4 Bike Mount does that, and more. Since it’s built with CNC-machined aerospace grade aluminium, the mount blends into the bike frame, looking like it was built into the frame itself. As Randall mentioned, installation is a breeze. Simply swap the top cap of your steer tube for the mount. Once installed, you aren’t limited to one view. The V4 offers unparalleled adjustability for a bike mount—you can tilt the mount from -20 to +55 degrees, and even swivel it to the side. When mounting your phone on, you can also choose whether you want it in portrait or landscape view.





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Share your survival story

Do you have a phone survival story that you want to share with us? If so, just email us at info@rokform.com or leave a comment below! Don't forget to send us a photo or video if you have one! :)

Krista A.
Krista A.


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