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Survival Series: magnet FTW

by Krista A. December 13, 2018 1 Comment

Survival Series: magnet FTW

Every day around the world, many phones drop to their peril. Last month, one phone was saved just in the nick of time. Kevin tweeted us a quick story about how his Rokform case saved his phone (and the day) thanks to the magnet technology built in to the case.


rokform survival story


In the image below, you can see the X marks the point of release, where Kevin missed his intended destination, the refrigerator, and accidentally released his phone. A few feet below, you can see where his phone ultimately landed--the magnet built into his Rokform case grabbed the fridge just inches before it was about to hit to floor!

rokform survival story

Rokform's Magnet Technology

What the heck is this magnetic technology that saved Kevin’s phone from crashing onto the kitchen floor? It’s easy—there’s a super strong magnet built into his Rokform phone case. The neodymium magnet is a rare-earth magnet that is widely used, and very strong. With a super strong (and completely safe) magnet built into each case, it’s easy to mount your phone onto almost any magnetic surface, including a fridge!

We also offer a range of mounts and accessories built to use the magnetic technology in Rokform cases to create a secure hold.

Share your survival story

Do you have a phone survival story that you want to share with us? If so, just email us at or leave a comment below! Don't forget to send us a photo if you have one! 

Krista A.
Krista A.


1 Response

Ed Pasternak
Ed Pasternak

May 01, 2019

DO NOT get 3 or 4 of these bare magnets stacked together. They are 99% impossible to get apart ! Customer Service told me I could get them apart if I really wanted to …. LOL I’m 6’1" , 220, and athletic …. damn if I can get them apart.

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