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The Predator Series

by Krista A. June 25, 2019 1 Comment

The Predator Series

The Predator is made for the movers, the shakers and the unapologetic trailblazers, delivering an innovative design and durable protection to keep up with your demanding lifestyle. Built for people with an eye for design, the Rokform Predator packages sleek protection into an eye-catching, minimalist case.


Stand out from the Crowd

The Predator looks so different from the typical smartphone cases you see everywhere that friends and onlookers will have do a double take. So what makes it so unique? Thanks to its unique, open mould, you can actually showcase your iPhone’s all-glass design. The case’s X shape covers the four corners of your iPhone for a fresh take on smartphone design. Choose from black aluminum, red aluminum, or gunmetal aluminium—three gorgeous color options that complement every iPhone finish.


Designed with Aerospace-Grade Aluminum

Crafted from aerospace-grade aluminium, the quality of the Predator is evident in every aspect of its design. If you’re wondering how to put your case on or remove it from your phone, it’s easy—install within minutes using stainless steel torx screws and a torx wrench, which are included in the box. Once assembled, the Predator’s non-slip grip and open design feels great to hold. With open sides, accessing buttons and charging ports is simple and unhindered.

Don’t mistake the Predator’s light weight as a weakness—the Predator case was designed with protection in mind, providing support at the most common points of impact on your phone. There are raised edges on both the front and back of the Predator, which guard your phone from everyday screen and body damage. A rubber interior lines the entire case, absorbing shocks at the core and corners of the Predator, so you can move around freely knowing that your phone is well-protected.


Featuring Magnet Technology

A built-in neodymium magnet grips metal surfaces to add another function to your case. The magnet provides an additional level of safety and security. It’s also super convenient for quick mounting onto any metal surface, such as magnetic car mounts, toolboxes, refrigerators, gym equipment and more.

The magnet technology opens up a world of mounting capabilities with our collection of magnetic auto mounts; however, the Predator is not compatible with our motorcycle or bike mounts. Rokform Predator cases are not wireless charging capable. Screen protectors can be installed easily and are always recommended for added protection.


Purchase a Predator Case

Predator for iPhone 8 / 7 / 6

Predator for iPhone XS / X




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Krista A.
Krista A.


1 Response

Kevin North
Kevin North

September 04, 2019

I line your products and use the case made for my Samsung Galaxy S10 + in my car and on my Triumph.

In know the Samsung phone line has more variations however it would be nice to have a choice of cases similar to the iPhone.

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