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Finally, an iPhone case made for GOLF! Get Yours

Play with Confidence

If you play golf and don't have this iPhone case, get one!

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Play better, faster, more consistent Golf

Handsfree yardage and swing video.

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Built by golfers for golfers

  • Instantly attach to cart, no clamps, or claws to lose or break
  • Swing improvement, film your swing handsfree from the cart
  • Watch & listen on the cart, never miss a Sunday round again
  • Responsibility matters, never miss an important call or text
  • Wireless charging and MagSafe® compatible, only better
  • Play faster, no laser fumbling, GPS yardage at the ready
  • Prevents damage, specially designed for cart path drops
  • Prevents loss, never leave your phone in the cart again
  • Saves cupholder space, they are not for iPhones. Beer?

Instantly attaches to cart

18 specially designed magnets hold phone securely to cart so you can focus on your game and not fumbling with yourphone.

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Client Testimonials

Over 14,000 5 Star Reviews

  • Now that I have the Eagle3 case, I use a GPS app to measure yardage anywhere on the course to the front, middle and back of the green. I also use a rangefinder but the GPS serves as a sanity check as I've been known to pick up objects in front of or behind the pin leading to a misclub. With my phone fully visible on the cart, misclubs are a thing of the past.

    Eric G.
  • I use the Eagle3 to video my swing on the course. I've always done this on the range, but most golfers can sympathise that the guy on the range is rarely the same guy on the course. If I'm having issues with a particular club or part of my game, I simply video my swing using my Eagle3 and I have footage I can review later or share with my coach. This type of feedback has proven to be extremely helpful in my coaching sessions.

    Brad J.
  • As an avid golfer, I've spent more $$$ than I'd like to admit on golf clubs, training aids and lessons to gain an edge on the course. I never considered my cell phone (or cell phone case for that matter) as a game improvement tool. If anything, my phone has always been more of a distraction than anything on the course. This all changed with ... Read more

    Mary W.

Made for those scary cart path drops

Never miss a final round on Sunday again!

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Money back Guarantee

For more than 10 years and 10's of thousands of rounds of golf, ROKFORM has been keeping phones safe and secure on and of the course. Our world class California based customer service team will guarantee prompt reliable service if a problem or question should ever arise.

60 Day Money Back Guarantee
2 Year Limited Warranty

Eagle 3 Story

Since 2011 thousands of customers have been safely attaching their iPhones with our ROKFORM magnetic cases to golf carts, but EAGLE 3 is our first iPhone case built specifically for golf. The Eagle 3 is our slimmest, lightest, and strongest case because of our new our MAGMAX™ MagSafe® compatible magnet system that’s over 3 times as strong as any case before MAGMAX™. Eagle 3 will stay right where you want it for 18 holes and beyond. Since the beginning we have supported golf from PGA tour pros like Brent Grant, to local amateurs and charity events because it is part of our DNA.

SROKFORM magnetic cases have been and are still used by dozens of PGA tour Pros including several World #1’s. Don’t take our word for it, try the new Eagle 3 for yourself. If you don’t think it’s the best iPhone case you have ever used, return it for a full refund.

Eagle 3 Story Swinging

Helps prevent damage and loss

Who the heck is ROCKFORM

ROKFORM was founded by Jeff Whitten in 2010, a golf obsessed, entrepreneur and recovering bicycle and motorcycle addict. While on the golf course he wanted a place to safely store his phone besides the cupholder where it often flew out of his cart and was lost.

To solve this, he came up with the idea to integrate magnets into a phone case to instantly attach his “new” iPhone 4 to the golf cart. The magnet worked so well on the golf cart, he and his team soon found many others uses for mounting a phone both with magnets and ROKFORM’s patented twist lock system. Since 2011, the magnet and the RokLock twist lock have become a part of ROKFORM’s DNA.

More than 10 years and 10 patents later, Jeff, along with his business partner Steve Petyo and their small but dedicated professional are just getting started. The company has turned the golf cart idea into dozens of useful products sold around the world.

If you call, e-mail, chat, or visit them in Irvine California, you will be greeted with personalized service from experienced professionals who know the product inside and out. Our unique approach to personalized customer service and product design is why most sales come from word of mouth as opposed to giant Private Equity backed ad budgets and highly paid influencers. We answer own phone and ship orders directly from our California warehouse and will do whatever it takes to provide a premium experience.


  • Will the magnets damage my phone?

  • Does the Eagle 3 work with wireless charging?

    Yes, the Eagle 3 will work with most wireless chargers including Apple’s MagSafe® wireless charger. Due to the wide range of vehicle configurations, like any phone case including some from Apple, wireless charging may not be compatible in some in vehicle chargers. The Eagle 3 does not work with the Apple MagSafe Battery pack.
  • If I hit a big bump in the cart, will my case fall off?

  • Can I use the Eagle 3 off the course?

  • Why do I need a phone case for golf?

  • Can I use ROKFORM Magnetic mounts with my Eagle 3?

  • Is the Eagle 3 MagSafe Compatible?

  • How much does the Eagle 3 weigh?

  • Is the Eagle 3 Protective?


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