Sport Ring – Magnet Powered Phone Ring Stand Grip

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  • Simply twist and lock onto any one of our Apple iPhone cases or Samsung Galaxy cases for instant control of your phone and easy viewing of your favorite stuff to watch, see or do. Once you are done watching, fold the stand down and instantly stick your phone to any magnetic surface thanks to the built-in N52 Neodymium magnet. This premium accessory also works with any of or our magnetic car mounts and even your golf cart. Easily twist it on and off for wireless charging.

    The ROKFORM Magnetic Sport Ring Stand Grip is constructed of stainless steel, titanium, aluminum, and fiber-reinforced polymer, so it's up for the toughest challenge and will look good doing it. Risk-free purchasing with our 60-day money-back guarantee, 2-year limited warranty, and world-class customer service right here in Southern California. Try one today; we think you will be glad you did.

    • EASY TO USE: Twist on and off any Rokform RokLock case
    • IT STICKS: Powerful magnet and anti-slip grip will stick to any magnetic surface
    • TOUGH AS NAILS: Aluminum, stainless, reinforced polymer and titanium construction
    • CONVENIENCE RE-INVENTED: Oversize ring provides security and optimal viewing angle
    • LOW PROFILE: Sits lower than most stand attachments while doing a whole lot more
    • Sport Ring

The Sport Ring was designed to work with any ROKFORM case. The Sport Ring makes every task easier with your Apple iPhone or Samsung Galaxy. Unlike other rings and grips, the ROKFORM SportRing does not require adhesives or additional parts that stay on your phone when not in use. With the ROKFORM Sport Ring, simply twist and lock your way to more control of your phone and it’s just as easy to remove for wireless charging or using one of our twist-lock bikemotorcycle, or car mounts. Don’t have one of our cases or an Apple or Samsung phone? No problem, the Sport Ring also works with our universal adapter that can be adhered to almost any phone or case.

With a powerful built in magnet the Sport Ring allows you to stick your phone to almost anything as long as its magnetic. The Sport Ring allows for convenient storage of your phone while working in the garage (toolbox) in the kitchen (fridge) at work (file cabinet) on one of our magnetic car mounts like our super grip vent mountswivel dash mount, or low pro mount (driving), and even directly to your golf cart. So simple!


The ROKFORM Sport Ring is made from materials most commonly seen in aircraft, exotic cars, and motorcycles like titanium, aluminum, and forged stainless steel. The durable blend of exotic materials makes for an extremely durable, attractive, and useful accessory for your iPhone or Galaxy smartphone.


This simple addition to your Apple iPhone or Samsung Galaxy is a game-changer. Grip it, stand it, or stick it just about anywhere. Convenience re-invented.


The ROKFORM Sport Ring is just 6mm thin and lower profile than most stand grips, so it easily slides in and out of pockets, bags, and purses. Other stands and grips have frustrating plungers and sharp plastic edges that can extend and snag in your pocket. The Sport Ring sits low on your case, and the ring won't extend until you want it to.



The larger ring is comfortable for use for large and small fingers and hands.  The larger ring lets you enjoy a wider range of viewing angles in both portrait and landscape compared to other ring stands and grips.

WARNING for California residents. Learn More.

Customer Reviews

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10 out of 10

I have bought Rokform products for my phones, motorcycles and now have their products in my truck too. Using Magnets is pure Genius and Rokform nails a sleek design with versatility and adaptability in mind. After years of use from in construction my phones have been protected by their cases and love . I almost wish I could remove the bottom magnet and put another sport ring on but maybe that’s just over doing it 😝

Derek P.
Versatile and Purposeful

Strong and stable ! Convenient and useful ! Very well built Versatile and Purposeful tool !

Thank you for building this TIP TOP DEVICE.

Richard T.
Another great addition to the Rokform Ecosystem

I wasn't very sure about this addition for my phone, since it was quite pricey for another magnet and ring. I primarily use it as a stand whether it is portrait or landscaped. The swivel of the ring is quite firm. I don't see it getting loose anytime soon. More importantly, I don't have to haggle with the kids to borrow back my plastic stand. The extra magnet makes it better to place my phone when working on my vehicles.

MaiKai M.

What can I say Rockform cases and there whole ecosystem of products have made my life so easy. I have everything that they have ever made. I also met the owner and he is a super cool guy. Solid company and the products are really a game changer for me. Keep up the good work you guys.

Nice! Best Accessory Yet!

Nice! Best Accessory Yet!
I have been using Rokform cases for my iPhones for many years. I just received the new Sport Ring today and installed it on my Crystal Case (on my iPhone 12 Pro Max). Years ago I was not a big fan of the twist lock because I didn’t think it was that tight. Apparently they have made improvements and now the twist lock is very tight and secure. This Sport Ring is heavy duty high quality! The magnet is much more powerful than the center magnet plug that comes with the case, so it is worth changing it out for that reason alone. It is very slim as advertised, my phone still fits in the same leather case with no problem, the ring makes holding the phone very comfortable. It is awesome to have a nice kickstand on the phone that works in all positions. This is Wayyy Better than those pop lock things that collapse very easy and are much more bulky! I say 5 stars ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ For every aspect of this new Sport Ring!

Will the magnet harm my phone?

    No. ROKFORM Pioneered magnetic technology in the Mobile Electronics Accessory Space back in 2011 and now even Apple® has adopted magnetic technology in their phones and accessories, even cases. Our magnetic accessories including the Sport Ring are all safe for your phone.

Will the magnet harm my credit cards?

    No. In all of our experience and hundreds of thousands of magnetic accessories sold we have never had nor heard of a magnet harming a credit card. Moreover, most credit cards and processors use the chip exclusively so the strip on most cards is rarely used. Magnets can however de-magnetize hotel keys and we have had reports of magnets harming certain gift cards. Keep your phone in a different pocket than those items when using the Sport Ring.

Why is the price so low with all those premium materials that you use?

    To give you access to better quality standards, we take the direct-to-consumer approach and with few exceptions, we cut out the middleman. This allows us to provide a more premium product at an affordable price. The Sport Ring is made from Titanium, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, and Reinforced polymer compared to similar “Big Box” retail competitors that offer similar products made from plastic and or pot metal. Our products are premium, prices are affordable, and our quality is guaranteed.

What if I get it and don't like it?

    No worries. We offer a 60-day money-back guarantee. If you don't like it, send it back for a full refund or exchange — your choice.

What is your warranty?

    We offer a 60-day money-back guarantee and a 2-Year limited warranty. We also provide live World Class customer service right here in Irvine, California. Have more questions? call one of our friendly customer service professionals toll-free at 855-765-3676.

Can I wireless charge with the ring installed?

    No but the Sport Ring can be easily removed in seconds for wireless charging on compatible phones or cases like the Apple® iPhone® and Samsung® Galaxy® wireless series cases we offer.

How big is the magnet?

    The magnet is 32mm in diameter and 3.25mm thick.

How much does the Sport Ring weigh?

    1.6oz. (47 grams) most of the weight is due to the magnet.

What are the dimensions of the Sport Ring?

    5mm thick (.2 inches) (plus 1mm for grip) 46.5mm tall and 46.5mm wide (1.8 inches)

Can I use the Sport Ring in my Car on my Vent Mount and Swivel Mount?

    Yes you can use the Sport ring on any ROKFORM magnetic mount including the Super Grip Vent Mount, Swivel Mount and Low Pro Dash Mount.

Does the stand work in portrait and landscape?

    Yes, the stand will hold your phone at the perfect angle in portrait and landscape.

How big is the Ring?

    The ID of the ring is 39mm (about 1.5 inches) The larger ring allows for a more useable Ring / stand & grip. Most rings are too small for larger fingers and do not allow for a realistic viewing angle especially for larger phones and portrait mode. The larger ring also allows for a larger magnet for more secure mounting on magnetic surfaces and magnetic car mounts.

Does the Sport Ring work on all ROKFORM cases?

    Yes, the ring will work on all ROKFORM cases that feature the twist lock. If your case does not have the twist lock then you can use our Universal Adapter on just about any phone or case.

If I have another brand of case can I still use the Sport Ring?

    Yes, but only if using our Universal Adapter that adheres to just about any phone or case. Once you install the universal adapter to your case, you can quickly and easily twist and lock the Sport Ring directly to it.

Does the magnet affect my phone signal?

    No. The magnet does not affect the phone signal, GPS, Bluetooth, or Wi-Fi.

Where is the Sport Ring made?

    The Sport Ring is designed, tested, and shipped to you from Irvine, California, and manufactured in China. We carefully select our manufacturing partners to ensure the best quality for our customers.

Will the Sport Ring work other companies' magnetic mounts?

    Maybe. Some magnetic mounts used four small magnets facing North and South and are generally used to stick to a metal plate. The Sport Ring Magnet faces South on the Sport Ring and North on our Mounts, so if you are using a non-ROKFORM mount, the performance will not be very good because the magnets in the non-ROKFORM mount are resisting against the magnet in the ROKFORM mount. We recommend ROKFORM magnetic mounts for the Sport Ring because they are designed to work together.

Can I get my phone in and out of my pocket easily?

    Yes. The Sport Ring is less than 6mm thin and the ring folds firmly flat so it won’t snag on your pocket and will easily slide in and out. Most customers leave the Sport Ring on their phone at all times except when wireless charging or using one of our bike mounts, motorcycle mounts or some of our other twist lock accessories. In this case, it’s easy to remove the Sport Ring, stow it away and go out on that much needed, head clearing ride!

Is the Sport Ring Magnetic?

    Yes, in fact it has a powerful N52 Neodymium magnet right built into it. The built-in magnet allows you to quickly and securely stick your phone to any magnetic surface.

How strong is the magnet?

    The magnets in the Sport Ring are the strongest Neodymium Magnets available, Grade N52. The magnet is 32mm OD x 3.25mm thick with 11lbs. of pull force. Rest assured whether you are carrying the largest iPhone 12®, Galaxy® Note 20 or other Android® Phone using our universal adapter, this magnet will hold it steady!

Do you use adhesive to hold it on?

    NO! The Sport Ring has our patented ROKLOCK twist-lock system so you don’t need to worry about fooling around with adhesive and wondering if it will even stick to your phone or case. The Sport Ring easily twist and locks in place and removes with a simple twist!

What grade of magnet to you use?

    N52 Neodymium. The highest grade available.

Can I use the Sport Ring with a tablet?

    Currently we do not produce any tablet case, iPad, etc. However, if you use our Universal Adapter on your existing tablet can you will be able to use the Sport Ring which is great for standing up your Tablet for typing or watching videos. With the built-in magnet you can also stick your tablet to any magnetic surface.