5 Unique Ways To Use Your iPhone With A Magnetic Phone Case

by Rokform LLC June 25, 2021

5 Unique Ways To Use Your iPhone With A Magnetic Phone Case

You may be wondering—if a super-strong magnet is built into a phone case, what are some unique uses when you can mount your phone to any magnetic surface? And, just how strong are the magnets in Rokform’s phone cases? Well, we’ve put together a quick list of ideas to reveal a few of the endless possibilities for you to get more out of your iPhone. Here are five unique ways to use your iPhone with a magnetic phone case.

Keep Your iPhone Screen Visible While Sitting In A Camp Chair

Many folding camp chairs have frames made of magnetic metal, and this includes their arms, as well. You can keep your iPhone’s screen in plain sight while sitting in camp or at the soccer game using the magnetic phone case to keep your iPhone in place on the chair’s arm.

The magnets in Rokform’s phone cases are strong enough to work through folding camp chair material, keeping the phone in place without taking up your cup holder space. If you’re tracking lap times, streaming music to your G-Rok speaker, or just keeping track of the latest on Instagram, having your display accessible without having to hold your phone is possible with a magnetic iPhone case.

Shoot Videos Of Your Swing From Your Golf Cart

Working with a golf coach from afar means you’ll need to take tons of videos of your swing for their analysis and feedback. Having an easy way to position your phone for shooting video of your swing is made possible with a Rokform magnetic phone case. The magnet is strong enough to hold your iPhone 14 Pro Max steady on the canopy supports of your golf cart, providing numerous angles for getting that perfect progress video.

Anchor Your iPhone Anywhere With A G-Rok Speaker

Hop on a group Facetime call, keep an eye on your cooking timer, or create a mini home theater experience by using one of Rokform’s G-Rok speaker as a portable anchor for your iPhone. The heavy-duty wireless speaker also has magnets built into it, making it a strong match for Rokform’s phone cases. The speaker’s weight and non-slip rubber feet will securely hold your phone upright anywhere you travel, providing easier viewing, use of the front or rear camera, or holding your iPhone’s flashlight steady in tight spaces.

Easier Plumbing Repairs Using Your iPhone Flashlight

When you need to crawl under the sink for a plumbing repair, perhaps the biggest challenge is having adequate lighting to see the task at hand. While laying your phone down in the area can provide light from below, it’s often necessary to hold the flashlight higher-up in the space to see the details of the work. Some sink bottoms and plumbing fittings underneath sinks are made of magnetic metal, which presents many opportunities for using your iPhone’s flashlight to see just the right spot. And with the water resistance of the iPhone 12, you won’t need to worry about it getting wet!

Keep Video In Sight When Repairing Your Bike

When trying to troubleshoot and repair complicated issues on your bike, it can be helpful to cue up a YouTube video. And, being able to watch the video in close proximity to the part you’re working on is far easier when you can mount your phone in plain sight. Rokform’s magnetic phone cases make this a snap! Many bike work stands and components on bikes are magnetic, so you can securely place your iPhone in just the right place to follow along with repair instructions. No more having to keep picking up your phone with greasy hands!

As you can see, protecting your iPhone with one of Rokform’s phone cases comes with more benefits than simply keeping your phone safe from drops and shocks. We added high-strength magnets and our Roklock mounting system to make our phone cases remarkably versatile, transforming your iPhone into a multi-purpose tool far beyond its standard capabilities. View instructional videos, shoot videos, and take selfies in the strangest spots for a plethora of purposes with a magnetic phone case. Browse our selection of cases today and find your ideal iPhone case HERE!

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