6 Tweetable Professional Golf Tips for a Better Swing

by Ashley Schiermeyer September 13, 2012

6 Tweetable Professional Golf Tips for a Better Swing

“I use the Rokform Golf Shooter as part of my regular teaching program. I have not found anything better or easier to use in my 20 years of teaching.”- Bob Townsend of San Diego Golf Institute.

With the 2012 TOUR Championship starting on September 20, professional golfers everywhere are making last minute improvements to their game. But how do they make it look so easy? We’ve compiled a list of 6 tips to help you with that perfect golf swing and look like a pro. Click [Tweet it]to share the tip with your followers!

  • #Golf tip: Shorten up your back swing. Remember, when your shoulders stop, so should your club [Tweet it!]
  • #Golf tip: Keep your eye focused at the exact spot where the club will hit the ball [Tweet it!]
  • #Golf tip: Make sure to rotate your body as you swing, generating the most power and balance[Tweet it!]
  • #Golf tip: Make sure to keep your wrists looser to allow the club to whip faster for a better swing [Tweet it!]
  • #Golf tip: The Rokbed v3 Golf Shooter lets you mount your iPhone for precise golf swing recordings [Tweet it!]
  • #Golf tip: Keep your weight balanced between your feet. This keeps all the power for your swing [Tweet it!]

Don’t forget to have the Rokform Golf Shooter in your golf bag next time you hit the green. The Golf Shooter gives both the golf pros and amateurs alike the ability to record and analyze their swing.


What golf tip did you find to be the most helpful? Remember to click the [Tweet it] button to share it with your Twitter followers!

We’d like to thank GolfLink.com and PaulWilsonGolf.com for their golf tip suggestions!

Ashley Schiermeyer
Ashley Schiermeyer


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