Apple Hits the iPhone 5c Out of the Park, Then Trips on First Base After Presenting Their Matching Case

by Allie Decker September 13, 2013

Apple Hits the iPhone 5c Out of the Park, Then Trips on First Base After Presenting Their Matching Case

It should not be news to anybody that Apple has officially released the images, features and specifications of the new iPhone 5c with pre-orders slated for delivery on September 20th. Early reviews of the newest, smallest addition to the iPhone family have been very positive, but when it comes to the matching case, you may want to start looking for an upgrade.

Preliminary reviews of Apple’s iPhone 5c cases have been rough, to say the least. Some of the more lenient reviews have merely likened the colorful plastic cases to Crocs. Others have been slightly more critical: “Why Apple’s iPhone 5c Case Is Pure Trash” by Co.Design, for instance, suggests that the product was manufactured in bulk before anyone “ever actually put one on an iPhone 5C to see how it looked.

While some have criticized the flimsy construction of the silicone casing, others point to the awkwardly obscured text on the back of the phone, covered by a geometric array of Connect-Four-style holes—a reality that was conveniently Photoshopped out of the official Apple presentation. In an article titled “Do I Like The iPhone 5c Case? Non”, TechCrunch weighed-in on the design problem labeling the issue as “one of the most annoying Apple design missteps [they] have seen recently.”

For a company that prides itself as an industry leader for product design and quality—that has to hurt. But for those of us interested in buying the new 5c, however, all is not lost.

Here’s the good news: we made a better case. Better protection, better design, better accessories. We married an injection molded high-impact polycarbonate frame with a pair of thermoplastic elastomer non-slip grip inserts. Then, we made the Rokform iPhone 5c case compatible with 16 Rokform accessories, so you can mount your 5c to just about anything you can think of, including your bike (…and your Batmobile).

If you pre-ordered your iPhone 5c already, it’s time to pre-order your Rokform 5c cover…we’ll even throw in a car mount as a bonus. No-brainer. Click Here.

Allie Decker
Allie Decker


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