Available Now: Reactor Series Rugged Portable Wireless Charger

by Krista A. May 14, 2019

Available Now: Reactor Series Rugged Portable Wireless Charger

With the Reactor Portable Wireless Charging Pack, Rokform introduces the most protective water and dust proof power bank to the market. It’s wireless. It’s portable. It’s rugged. And it’s available now.

The Portable Wireless Charging Pack, part of our Reactor Series, is the result of over a year of hard work from our manufacturers, designers, and engineers. Our focus has always been on creating a battery pack chock-full of rugged features that our customers want and love, and our newest product does not fall short. A number of safety and reliability mechanisms have been tested and designed that, when combined with the many other product features, truly make the Portable Wireless Charging Pack stand out.

No more dragging around annoying cords to keep phones charged up all day. No more being tethered to a wall outlet for a quick charge. Now you can move around freely and tackle any adventures that come your way with a power bank that will keep you charged up.  


A look at the Portable Wireless Charging Pack

rokform reactor battery pack

reactor power bank rokform

The Reactor Charging Pack is perfectly sized for any activity, whether you’re charging up at the office, driving from one place to the next, or even enjoying the great outdoors. The charging pack is similar in size to an iPhone XS, giving you a portable solution that’s truly wireless.

With rugged drop protection and dust and water resistance, this power bank is built for anyone who values quality and durability in their electronics. Why spend money on a Qi charging pad that can’t move around when you do?

The Portable Wireless Charging Pack isn’t just a portable solution. It functions as the all-around solution for wireless charging needs. For the moments when you need to charge up more than one device, the Charging Pack is capable of charging wirelessly and through the USB-A port at the same time.


Product Specs

  • High energy density 4,000 mAh of lithium polymer battery cell
  • Shockproof drop protection
  • IP67 rated dustproof and water resistance
  • Portable, thin, and lightweight
  • Charges 2 devices at the same
  • Wireless charging capable





The Reactor Series

rokform reactor series graphic

As the name suggests, our Reactor Series is defined by the generation of energy, which is exactly what these products do. Generating the energy is important, but safety and reliability are of equal importance when you're dealing with battery products.

The power bank has multiple-level safety protections in place to maintain the highest level of product and battery safety. Every critical component of the power bank has undergone performance and stress tests to ensure maximum product safety and protection against things like power failure.

With the release of the Portable Wireless Charging Pack, the Reactor Series now offers two products available for purchase.


Reactor Series Premium Car Charger

The Premium Car Charger has dual USB ports that can charge two devices simultaneously. With 24 watts of total output and 2.4 amps each, both ports are packed with enough amperage to charge phones and tablets quickly. 

rokform car charger reactor series

Reactor Series Portable Wireless Charging Pack

 reactor series battery pack




Learn more about the Reactor Series

There are so many reasons why we think this is the coolest power bank out there. Among them is our collaboration with industry experts to develop and engineer the Reactor Series. For customers, that means we’re giving you a product with rugged features that can also withstand the elements.

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Krista A.
Krista A.


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