Benefits of Bringing Your Phone on Your Bicycle Rides (And How to Do It Safely!)

by Steve Petyo October 05, 2020

Benefits of Bringing Your Phone on Your Bicycle Rides (And How to Do It Safely!)

Your bike is more than a piece of metal on wheels, and your phone is more than just a device that helps you communicate. As a biking enthusiast, not only do you need to make sure your phone is on hand to keep you from getting lost, but also so that you can stay in communication with friends and family no matter where you are.

This article will discuss the benefits of safely bringing your phone on your bicycle rides with smartphone bike mounts

Bringing your Smartphone Safely on Your Bicycle Rides

Taking your smartphone on a bicycle ride might seem like a simple enough task, but you'll soon realize one small problem: finding the right place to put it can be difficult.

General cycling attire is known to lack pockets, and even if you're riding in jeans, a big phone in your back pocket can make sitting comfortably on your bike difficult. A saddle bag might work if it doesn't get in the way, but even then, it runs the risk of being forgotten while you're busy cycling or as soon as you finish setting up your quad lock for rest stops.

And it's definitely not safe to hold your phone in your hand while riding through town or the mountains. So should we just forget about it?

Nope. Leaving your phone at home is absolutely not an option

Benefits of Bringing Your Phone on Bike Rides

Many of us are attached to our devices, so it only makes sense to bring them with you on a bike ride. Here are a few reasons why you should always take your phone on a bike ride:


Whether you're always on-call for your job or simply want to be connected to your friends and family at all times, you'll need to be able to quickly answer your phone when it rings. 


If you're biking in the mountains or somewhere you've never been before, you don't want to get lost. The use of Google Maps or another navigation app on your phone can help you quickly determine your best routes — whether you're lost or just want to discover a new path. Cycling apps like Strava or Map My Ride will also allow you to easily track just how many miles you've biked and share it with friends on social media.


While biking in itself isn't dangerous, there are a good number of things that can happen on your ride that can put you in danger. No matter where you are or what you're doing, a phone is a good thing to have handy so that you can call for help should the need arise. If your bike gets a flat tire, you can easily phone someone to come pick you up and take you to the nearest bike shop. 

Ways to Mount Your Smartphone on Your Bike

It's a necessity to have your phone with you at all times. Nowadays, we simply can't live without our technology. However, biking with your phone in your back pocket is not the wisest thing to do. While you can make yourself a mount or use a saddle bag, purchasing a mount built specifically for your phone and bike can keep your phone safe while you ride around.

Keep your Phones Safe - Use a Good Bicycle Mount

Now, while some people might do this and that, these methods are risky both for you and your phones. One thing is clear: none of the DIY phone mount solutions are considered good. They do not ensure safe use while biking and do not provide one with peace of mind while cycling around. 

The easiest solution to the dilemma of taking your cellphone on a bike ride is to just buy a dedicated Rokform bicycle phone mount.

They're created for the purpose of mounting your phone to your bike and are designed for the exact type of phone you have so you can ensure correct sizing.  Taking your phone on a bike ride has never been easier, and no longer do you need to think of using your back pocket — you'll just need to mount it!

They're also specifically created for the types of terrain you'll be biking on. Better than this, they also have several other benefits, such as being:

  • easy to install
  • made of high-quality CNC machined aluminum
  • incredibly light-weight

Choosing the Best Mount for Your Smartphone 

When it comes to finding the best phone mount for your bike, you'll need to consider the following qualities:


Durable materials ensure that the mount will be sturdy. Your phone requires a stable and secure mount to not wobble around, so it must also fit the phone correctly. 


While your phone's safety should be the primary concern, you may want to consider other features the mount provides. For example, if you want to film your riding adventures, your phone mount should offer an unlimited range of motion that adjusts to the perfect angle.  

Easy to Set Up (and Dismantle)

Phone mounts should be quick and simple to attach and detach, and your phone should easily secure onto them.

If you're struggling to attach your phone mount and put your phone in securely, one would imagine that there is little reason to trust the mount while you're cycling.

A secure setup will keep you from holding back so that you can ride as fast and hard as you normally would. 

Keep Cycling and Stay Connected

We believe that if you take your phone on a bike ride, it should be as easy as carrying it anywhere else. And we won't let a small problem like not knowing where to put your phone get in the way of enjoying a good riding session. Cycling is about freedom, and now you can ride and stay connected.

Choose the right ROKFORM phone mount on our website today. If you still need help deciding and need more info, contact us to get more details.

Steve Petyo
Steve Petyo


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