Best Phone Mounts for E-bikes

by Krista A. October 10, 2022

Best Phone Mounts for E-bikes

For those jumping onto the e-bike bandwagon, one of the first upgrades to consider is a way to safely and securely mount a phone. This can make it possible to easily follow GPS directions, along with keeping an eye on important notifications. And while there are a number of phone mounts for bikes on the market, some are far better suited to e-bike riding than others. Durability and secure mounting for higher speeds are just two reasons for this. In this article, we'll examine the features that make for the best e-bike phone mount, along with a few mount options for each type of handlebar setup. Let's roll!

Benefits Of Mounting A Phone On An E-Bike

Most people use their phones for directions, music, or to stay connected while riding their e-bikes. The multi-purpose nature of phones is why so many benefits come from mounting them securely on an e-bike. To improve your e-biking experience, it's good to start by mounting your phone where you can easily see it. Here are some of the benefits you'll enjoy by doing so:

  • Easier to follow directions when your map is easily viewed
  • Keep a closer eye on your heart rate when training
  • See the text messages being sent using Siri through headphones
  • Quickly switch songs or playlists in music apps without having to stop
  • Watch for important work emails and messages while on a ride

    Benefits Of Mounting A Phone On An E-Bike

    What To Look For In An E-Bike Phone Mount

    When you're looking for the best e-bike phone mount, there are numerous factors to keep in mind. For example, how will the mount securely hold your phone while you are riding? Does it connect with your phone case directly, or does the mount only grasp the exterior of the case? You'll also want a mount that helps protect your phone from drops and bumps. Finally, consider which type of mounting option works best with the handlebar and cockpit setup on your e-bike. Some mounts attach to regular or oversized handlebars, while others attach to the center cap on the stem. Let's look at each factor in detail.

    Direct phone case attachment

    There are plenty of e-bikes out there today that can hit speeds of 30+ mph. That means hitting bumps, cornering, and mishaps are much more jarring. Phone mounts that simply grip a phone's case using clamps or rubber bands just can't hold a phone securely enough for the speeds involved with e-bikes. This is why Rokform designed its bike mounts to directly attach to your phone's case, locking it securely in place so it's never ejected from the bike.

    Multiple placement options

    Next, the best e-bike phone mounts accommodate multiple designs of handlebars and cockpit setups. Because e-bikes often have more displays, buttons, and oversized handlebars, phone mounts need to be versatile when it comes to placement. Rokform offers numerous mounts that will work for virtually any setup.

    Adjustable viewing angle

    Another key feature of the best e-bike phone mounts is the ability to adjust the viewing angle. Part of this comes down to placement options, so finding a mount that offers ideal positioning is key. Once the placement is correct, mounts like the Rokform V4 Pro mount allow riders to angle the phone for the best view.

    Durable materials

    The higher speeds and longer distances made possible by e-bikes demand more durable materials. Phone mounts that are made primarily of composites or plastics don't hold up to these challenges. Instead, seek out a phone mount that's made from aircraft-grade aluminum to avoid rust, cracking, and premature failure.

    Quality craftsmanship

    Beyond materials, the way the phone mount is designed and manufactured is crucial for e-bike phone mounts. In the event things go sideways, a thoughtfully designed and carefully crafted phone mount will remain intact. Mass-produced mounts made of plastics can easily crack if a heavy e-bike falls over, unlike aluminum mounts designed to last like Rokforms’.

    Top 3 Phone Mounts for E-Bikes

    Top 3 Phone Mounts for E-Bikes

    Whether you want to mount your phone on an oversized handlebar or dead-center using a stem mount, these three phone mounts have you covered. Let's take a look at three of the best phone mounts for e-bikes and which applications make the most sense.

    Best for Phone Protection - Rokform V4 Pro Series Phone Bike Mount

    Mounting your phone right in the center of the handlebar using the stem cap is one of the safest places. That’s because if the bike falls over, the phone isn’t as exposed, keeping it from hitting the ground. This mount is made of aluminum and securely holds your phone by directly mounting to your case using Rokform’s Rok-Lock technology. Simply twist and lock it in place. You can also adjust the viewing angle by locking it in place with the star nut bolt that holds everything tightly together.

    Best for Oversized Handlebars - Rokform Sport Series Bike Phone Mount

    For those with odd-shaped or oversized handlebars on their e-bikes, Rokform’s Sport Series mount is exactly what you need. The hook-and-loop strap enables riders to mount their phone on handlebars ranging from ⅞” in diameter all the way up to a whopping 2.25”, all while delivering the same stability of the Rok-Lock system. What’s more, the lock lever is made of aluminum, so it won’t crack or break.

    Best for Placement Versatility - Rokform Handlebar Phone Mount

    Many e-bikes have handlebars cluttered with displays, buttons, and throttle levers in addition to the normal controls of a traditional bike. This can make it a challenge finding a place to mount your phone. With Rokform’s Handlebar Phone Mount, you get an aluminum clamp that’s narrow enough to fit on a cluttered bar while accommodating handlebars up to 31.75mm in diameter. There’s also 360º of rotation and -20° to +55° of pivot for dialing in your viewing angle, which all lock in place with a bolt.

    Find The Perfect Phone Mount For Your E-Bike

    Find The Perfect Phone Mount For Your E-Bike

    Check out Rokform's lineup of mounts that securely hold the iPhone 14 whether traveling by e-bike, e-motorcycle, e-scooter, or electric car. From our Rok-Lock twist-mount system to MagSafe-compatible magnetic mounting options to the aircraft-grade aluminum construction, you can count on Rokform's phone mounts to keep your phone safe and in sight.

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