Get your Motorcycle Ready for Riding Season

by Krista A. February 21, 2020

Get your Motorcycle Ready for Riding Season

It’s still February but you can already feel the days getting longer which, for some of our customers, is especially exciting for one reason – motorcycle riding season is just around the corner!  

After spending a few months covered up and inactive in the garage, it’s important to do some essential checks before getting back on your bike. We asked Danial aka DanDanTheFireman, Firefighter/EMT and Motorcycle Safety Content Creator, for his top prep recommendations to gear up for riding season, and this is what he had to say.


Start with your standard pre-ride check.

“Prior to riding your motorcycle, I will always suggest doing a pre-ride check. The Motorcycle Safety Foundation has a great list for you to check prior to every ride, but I want to go one step further.” - Daniel


This list by the Motorcycle Safety Inspection is one of the most thorough you can find, and it even comes as an PDF for easy printing. It goes through T-CLOCSSM, which is an acronym for the procedure to follow when completing your regular motorcycle inspection.

T – Tires and Wheels
C – Controls
L – Lights and Electrics
O – Oil and Other Fluids
C – Chassis
S – Stands


Note: This is just a breakdown of the acronym. The actual list is much more detailed. For the complete list, visit this page.


Make sure you have all FIVE pieces of protective gear.

“Wear a DOT full-face motorcycle helmet, jacket, pants, boots, and gloves.” - Daniel


What's DOT? For motorcyclists, DOT stands for Department of Transport FMVSS No. 218 safety compliance testing for motorcycle helmets. Simply put, any DOT helmet meets the national standards for impact protection. 

When it comes to building out the rest of your protective gear kit, it's important to make sure you're purchasing motorcycle-specific gear and wearing it for every ride. 


Double-check your gear.

“I want you to double-check your gear prior to putting it on. As a Firefighter, we would double-check each other’s Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) before a fire. I continue that habit with motorcycle protective gear…Beyond that, make sure your safety gear isn’t ripped/torn, and don’t forget to secure your helmet after putting it on!" - Daniel


Watch this four-minute video on Daniel’s YouTube channel for 5 motorcycle pre-ride checks you need to do!


Take it nice and easy.

Daniel’s last recommendation is let yourself ease back into riding.

“After you made sure your motorcycle is in top shape, and you have checked all your safety gear, my best tip is for you to take your first dozen or so miles nice and easy. After a break, your mental and physical riding skills have deteriorated." - Daniel


Learn the core fundamentals with DanDanTheFireman

DanDanTheFireman-Motorcycle Safety

On Daniel's YouTube channel, he focuses on keeping these skills sharp by creating helpful videos on the core fundamentals.

  • Predict The Hazard Through Situational Awareness
  • Avoid The Hazard Through Emergency Evasive Skills
  • Minimize Injury By Wearing Safety Gear If You Crash
  • Treat The Injury Through Bystander Medical Training


If you would like to learn these core fundamentals, swing by the YouTube channel and receive FREE motorcycle training.  



Is your routine similar when getting ready for motorcycle riding season? Let us know!

Krista A.
Krista A.


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