How to use the Rokform Lanyard

by Krista A. February 25, 2022

How to use the Rokform Lanyard

Since Rokform first launched more than ten years ago, we’ve built a lot of cool phone accessories, including the Sport Utility Belt Clip, Golf Shooter and the RFID blocking Magnetic Wallet, just to name a few. But today we want to share some love for one of the Rokform accessories that’s been around since the beginning – the Detachable Lanyard.


About the Detachable Lanyard

Curious about the Rokform Detachable Lanyard? Our lanyard provides the additional security you need if you’re prone to drops or find yourself in accident prone areas often. Attach it to your motorcycle or bike and keep your hands free from distraction. Our lanyard has a high strength woven nylon strap, custom injection molded plastic tip and silicone rubber security slider.

  • High Strength woven nylon strap

  • Custom injection molded plastic tip

  • Silicone rubber security slider

  • Adjusts to almost any wrist size

  • Lanyard works great on cameras, phones, and other handheld devices that you don't want to hit the dirt!



These lanyards have been enjoyed by our Rokform customers for years, and they'll be used for years to come. Here are some of our favorite customer reviews of the detachable lanyard.

Rokform Detachable Lanyard customer review 5


Rokform Detachable Lanyard customer review 4


Rokform Detachable Lanyard customer review 3


Rokform Detachable Lanyard customer review 2


Rokform Detachable Lanyard customer review 1


How to use the Detachable Lanyard

If you have a lanyard, you can install it onto any of our phone cases. First, locate the 2 small holes on the back of the phone case and on the bottom. Then, squeeze the small loop at the end of the lanyard so that it’s thin enough to fit through the hole, and push it into the hole and back up the other side. Put the entire lanyard through the small loop and pull tight. Once on, it can be adjusted to almost any wrist size. 

Watch our video for some tips on how to install and use the lanyard.



Rokform Lanyard 2

Rokform Lanyard 3


Share your Lanyard story!

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Krista A.


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