New product alert: Introducing the new Swivel Dash mount!

by Krista A. May 08, 2018

New product alert: Introducing the new Swivel Dash mount!

Keep your commute hands-free with new Rokform Swivel Mount

Have you ever hopped into the driver’s seat and paused to think about where to stash your smartphone? If you don’t have a Rokform mount yet, it’s usually a toss-up between the center console, the passenger’s seat, or your lap. Worrying about where to put smartphones while driving is now a thing of the past. Your smartphone finally has a seat in the car with the Swivel Dash mount!

The Swivel Dash mount is a low-profile car phone mount for magnetic Rokform cases. It combines powerful magnetic technology with reliable Rokform design. The mount’s aluminum swivel is built using CNC machined aircraft-grade aluminum that easily attaches to a dashboard and other smooth surfaces using strong, residue-free 3M adhesive. Four neodymium magnets are housed within the super grip face creating a powerful hold that effortlessly secures any Rokform magnetic case to the mount.

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Both the base and the grip face of the Swivel mount measure in at just 1.4 inches in diameter, contributing to a super low profile that leaves car dashboards unobstructed. Many people might not even notice it! With 360 degrees of rotation on the swivel, drivers can find the perfect viewing angle so they can make calls and navigate GPS, hands-free.

“When everything is in place inside the car, drivers can be completely focused on the immediate task in front of them—driving safely on the road.” said Rokform Vice President Steve Petyo. “The Swivel Dash has a fully rotating swivel that allows drivers to find the best positioning for their phones. It puts GPS and hands-free calls in the perfect view.”

The Swivel Dash mount can be used with any magnetic Rokform phone case, including the Rugged, Crystal, Fuzion Pro, and Predator. With most Rokform cases housing built-in neodymium magnets, the attraction to the Swivel Mount is, literally, magnetic. If you’re already a Rokform product owner, you know exactly how strong our magnets are—if you don’t, we recommend finding out by pairing a Swivel mount with a magnetic Rokform case.

You can pre-order the Swivel Dash mount now on; orders will begin shipping early June!

Krista A.
Krista A.


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