iOS 5 Tips For Camera

by Allie Decker October 20, 2011

iOS 5 Tips For Camera

Quick Access

You can now access the built-in Camera application right from your Lock Screen. With your device powered off, simply double-tap on the Home button. You will notice a camera icon to the right-hand side of the unlock slider. Tap on this icon to launch the Camera app without even having to unlock your device.

Grid Lines
If you have ever taken a photo and it was crooked, then you will like the new Gridlines feature. This feature places a 3×3 grid overlay on the Camera, allowing you to better line up shots before taking the photo. To get the gridlines on the screen, tap the Options button at the top of the screen, and slide ON the Grid feature.

Volume Up Shutter Button
When taking photos, you may find it difficult to tap the on-screen shutter button. Luckily, Apple now allows you to snap a photo with the Volume Up button used as a Shutter button. Now whenever you’re in the built-in Camera application, you can snap a picture using a hardware button.

AE/AF Lock
Now you can use the Auto Exposure setting from a particular angle in the photo by simply tapping once and holding on the screen until AE/AF Lock appears at the bottom, or you see a flashing blue square. To return to dynamic Auto Exposure/Auto Focus, tap once anywhere on the screen.

When composing your photo, you can get just the portion you want by zooming in using the Pinch-to-Zoom Gesture. Of course, you can still use the zoom slider by using the pinch-to-zoom gesture once on the screen to bring it up.

Allie Decker
Allie Decker


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