New Product Alert: Vent Mount with MagSafe® [AVAILABLE NOW]

by Krista A. December 03, 2021

New Product Alert: Vent Mount with MagSafe® [AVAILABLE NOW]

At the beginning of the month we introduced the first MagSafe® compatible car mount by Rokform, the Magnetic Windshield Mount. Now we’re excited to introduce the new Vent Mount with MagSafe® compatibility, which is in stock and shipping now! Keep your phone secure and visible while you’re on the road with the Dual Magnet Vent Mount – a safe, hands-free accessibility that’s unmatched. It’s the perfect solution for anyone looking for a hands-free solution and who likes to keep their car’s windshield and dash unobstructed. 

About the Vent Mount with MagSafe® 

The new ROKFORM MagSafe® Vent Mount is designed to slide over almost any vent, giving you secure phone mounting in a convenient location. Just below the super grip face is an array of MagSafe® compatible magnets along with a heavy-duty center magnet that works with all MagSafe® compatible phones & cases and all ROKFORM magnetic cases. The enlarged magnetic ring is up to twice as strong as standard MagSafe® compatible magnetic arrays. If you are looking for a sleek, low profile magnetic phone mount for your car, the ROKFORM Vent Mount is a great choice.

  • Anti-slip grip. Specially designed silicone face allows stable non-slip mounting
  • Machined aluminum. Specially designed bezel holds the front grip securely in place and won’t peel off like other lesser quality glued together mounts.
  • Universal fit. Works with all ROKFORM cases and MagSafe® compatible phones & cases.
  • Heavy-duty construction. High quality materials provide a secure hold and lasting durability.


If you prefer to mount your phone somewhere other than on the vent face, we have two other options for you. 

Magnetic Windshield Mount - Available now

Swivel Mount with MagSafe® - Coming very soon.

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What’s MagSafe® anyways?

In our popular article on the pros and cons of wireless charging, one of the biggest disadvantages of wireless charging was the need to pay closer attention to your phone. 

Maybe the biggest disadvantage that is often overlooked by people is the need to pay closer attention to charging your phone. This is because, if you pick up your phone to quickly use it while it’s being charged, you have to be much more deliberate when you put it back down. People are used to picking their phone up and putting it down without much thought. With a cord connected, it’s not a big deal. If you put your phone back down absentmindedly and it’s not perfectly placed on the pad, it’s not charging. I can attest to this being a big issue with wireless charging. 

Apple aims to solve this issue with MagSafe®, a set of small magnets embedded in every iPhone beginning with last year’s iPhone 12 lineup. These magnets help phones to align perfectly on charging docks and other MagSafe-compatible accessories, such as this MagSafe® Vent Mount by Rokform, for faster, more reliable wireless charging. 



Rokform MagSafe Vent Mount

Krista A.
Krista A.


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