New Year’s Resolutions the Rokform Way

by Allie Decker January 16, 2017

New Year’s Resolutions the Rokform Way

2017 is officially here, and talk of resolutions is circulating. If you haven’t already been questioned about what you’ve resolved for the new year, you certainly will soon. If you’re like most people, you’ve tried (and tried and tried) but have yet to successfully keep a New Year’s resolution. In fact, of the almost 50 percent of Americans who make New Year’s resolutions, 8 percent actually achieve them. 

To help you keep your 2017 resolutions, we’ve gathered some tried and true tips for goal-setting:

  • Make SMART resolutions. SMART stands for specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time-bound. Instead of resolving to “lose weight” or “get organized” (which are the top two resolutions for 2017), resolve to “run three miles every day for 100 days” or “review my week’s task list every Sunday for 15 weeks”. Successful people are more specific about their resolutions, and take small steps toward their big goals.
  • Say it aloud. People who explicitly make resolutions are 10 times more likely to attain their goals than people who don't explicitly make resolutions. So, write it down, share it with your friends, and repeat it to yourself often. Knowing exactly what you’re trying to do will help you do it.
  • Join a community. Support systems are crucial. If you’re working and walking alongside people who have the same goals as you, you’ll likely be more successful. If you are exercising more seek out a trainer. If you are trying to eat healthier, join a health club, program, or class. Support communities also exist year-round, meaning you can make a change in your life any time you want.

Now, we’re going to help you keep your 2017 resolutions the Rokform way. (Hint: It’s the best way.) The following are the top four New Year’s resolutions (plus one you should be making) for 2017. Check out how to utilize some of Rokform’s best products to help you join – and grow – the 8 percent of Americans who successfully keep their resolutions.

  1. “I resolve to lose weight.” Try Rokform's Armband for iPhone.


The Rokform Armband keeps your iPhone close while doing most types of exercise. Its design is both safe and functional as you can access the touch screen and store small items while wearing the Armband. The Rokform Armband can help you stay healthy, fit, and strong.


  1. “I resolve to get organized.” Try Rokform's alunimum docks and stands.

 Rokform’s collection of docks and stands for iPhone and Galaxy sit neatly on any surface. They are perfect for keeping your device handy and charged while working at your desk, cooking, or sleeping. Rokform’s docks include audio enhancing speaker ports that can play your favorite music or your not-so-favorite morning alarm. The device sits at the perfect viewing angle so you won’t miss important notifications throughout your day.


  1. “I resolve to spend less, save more.” Try Rokform’s iPhone 6/6s Stowaway Case.

Rokform’s iPhone Stowaway case keeps all your essentials – your ID, cash, cards, and keys – close by and safe while you’re out and about. You can utilize this case to carry only the cash you need, effectively limiting your spending. You can also use the Rokform Stowaway case as its name suggests – stowaway $5.00 a day to start a simple but efficient savings plan.



  1. “I resolve to enjoy life to the fullest.” Try Rokform’s variety of accessories for active lifestyles.


Rokform offers mounts and cases for a variety of activities and adventures. If you enjoy cycling, check out Rokform’s bike mounts for both casual and avid cyclists.

If you enjoy golfing, Rokform’s golf shooter helps you capture your game and improve your swing. Motorcyclists can grab either of Rokform’s motorcycle mounts to keep their device close while they ride. Rokform also offers many case and mount options for photographers and videographers. Regardless of what activity you enjoy or what adventure you’re on, Rokform can help you enjoy life to the fullest.

Bonus: “I resolve to drive hands-free.” Try Rokform’s vent mount.

As of 2017, California will no longer allow drivers to hold their smartphones while driving. The law is an effort to minimize distracted driving, which is a factor is an estimated 80 percent of accidents. To use their phones for music or directions, drivers will need to have their phone mounted to the dashboard or windshield. Rokform’s new vent mount (and other car mounts) keep you legal while driving.


This New Year, try keeping your resolutions the Rokform way. Whether you’re resolving to jog daily, organize weekly, save monthly, or adventure yearly, Rokform’s got you equipped and your device covered.

Allie Decker
Allie Decker


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