Rokform in 2020: a look at our highlights and innovations

Rokform in 2020: a look at our highlights and innovations

2020 was a busy year here at Rokform! We’re summarizing the best of the year here.
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2020 was a busy year here at Rokform! From new product releases to product upgrades, there’s so much to be cheerful about as we look towards 2021. In case you missed any of it, we’re summarizing the best of 2020 here.



New Rokform products launched in 2020

G-ROK Wireless Speaker - January

Rokform magnetic wireless speaker

We kicked off 2020 with a new product. We launched our first speaker and it’s packed with rugged, high-quality Rokform goodness. Drop-tested. IPX7 water and dust resistant. Integrated with RokLock and signature magnet strength. Yes, it’s a golf speaker, but it’s also so much more. 



RokLock Wireless Charger - April

Rokform wireless charger

The RokLock Wireless Charger opened up wireless charging capability while smartphones are locked into our RokLock Car Dash Mount or Windshield Suction Mount



Dual Magnet Universal Adapter - July

Rokform universal adapter magnetic

With a Dual Magnet Universal Adapter attached, customers can instantly add magnet mounting to any device that Rokform doesn’t currently make a case for. Wondering what the difference is between our Dual Magnet Universal Adapter and our Universal Adapter with RokLock? Read our recent breakdown here.



Universal Adapter Ball Mount - September 

Rokform Ball Mount for RAM socket mount

The Universal Adapter Ball Mount adds Rokform mounting for anyone using a RAM socket mount.



Sport Utility Belt Clip - October

Magnetic phone ring

We’re pretty sure this is the best belt clip on the market. That’s because it’s not just a belt clip – it has a built in bottle opener, integrated stainless steel stand, and more. 



Pro Series Motorcycle Stem Mount - October 

Phone mount for sport bikes

There are so many different motorcycle shapes and sizes. Every bike has a sweet spot for mount installation, and no spot is the same. That’s why we added one more motorcycle mount to our lineup. The Pro Series Motorcycle Stem Mount was designed for use with sport bikes and bikes with clip-on bars. 



Magnetic Ring Stand - November

Rokform phone ring holder with stand

Our magnet-powered phone ring is another example of Rokform ingenuity. Use it as a finger grip when you’re holding your phone or open up the stainless steel ring for use as a phone stand that works in portrait or landscape. It installs into the RokLock opening on your Rugged or Fuzion Pro phone case and has a magnet face to instantly double the magnetic grip.

Rokform innovations in 2020

Curbside pick-up - July

Coronavirus couldn’t hold us back! While we had to close up our offices in order to abide by state guidelines, we created a curbside pick-up option for call-in orders. With curbside pick-up, local Rokform customers have been able to call their order into our amazing Customer Service team and pick up their Rokform order from our headquarters in Irvine, California on the same day



Free 3D-printed kickstand - June

3d printed kick stand rokform

We gave our customers a peek behind our development process and even shared the STL file so customers could 3D print a kickstand for their Rokform cases.

2020 Holiday Gift Guides

When we released our annual holiday gift guides this year, we added a few more guide categories to help every customer find the perfect Rokform gift. The biggest winter holidays may be over, but there are still many upcoming occasions that call for gifting. In case you missed them, check out our gift recommendations below. 

2020 Holiday Gift Guide for Cyclists 

2020 Holiday Gift Guide for Motorcyclists

2020 Holiday Gift Guide for Golfers

2020 Holiday Gift Guide for Commuters 

2020 Holiday Gift Guide for Rokfans

2020 Holiday Gift Guide for Tech Lovers

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