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The Passion Behind Our Newest Products

by Krista A. July 13, 2018 2 Comments

The Passion Behind Our Newest Products

We’ve been working hard with our partners at XPNDBLS (pronounced “expandables”) to refine the products in the Reactor Series before selling them to loyal Rokfans and curious Rokform newbies.

It’s no mistake that we partnered with some of the most passionate developers in the industry for the Reactor Series. Our passion for creating innovative products that help make life easier and more exciting is what drives us, and it’s a similar passion that drives XPNDBLS to build creative solutions on the cutting edge of technology.

The XPNDBLS is a team of 12 engineers and developers that boast over 100 years of combined experience working in mobile electronics. Learn more about the how we’ve been working with XPNDBLS to create the Reactor Series.

Rokform and XPNDBLS approached the development of Reactor Series products with three things in mind:

1. Keeping it Rokform

When it comes to phone cases and accessories, durability and protection top most lists for must-have qualities. The Rokform brand was built on making quality product that customers can rely on. So, ensuring that the Reactor Series stay true to the brand was essential during the creative process. The Reactor Series is built tough and made to last. You’ll find little touches in every Reactor Series product that are classic Rokform. The aircraft grade aluminum on the Premium Car Charger is a perfect example. On top of that, all Reactor products part of our growing Rokform ecosystem.

2. Better technology

Simply put, we wanted the technology that is supercharging the Reactor Series to be more innovative, safe, and in general better than the rest. This is where XPNDBLS comes in. One of their leaders explains how:

“Our expertise lies in integrating and engineering newly emerging technology with beautiful and thoughtful industrial design. Furthermore, our products go through very high testing standards and certification processes including drop and shock test, vibration test, burn in channels to ensure that the electronics used are high quality…After the tests and certifications are validated, we can finally send the products to customers' and distributors' hands.”

All the tests and certifications are necessary to ensure a safe and long-lasting charge, among other things. We’ll actually dig a little deeper into the tech that XPNDBLS built into the new products in an upcoming post, when we preview the Reactor Series Power Bank!

3. Ultimate user experience

Have you ever drained your phone battery in the middle of the day? I’ll admit, there have been times when my battery is at 20% before noon! Lots of power banks are too bulky to casually carry around. Plus, you still have to lug around the USB cord. Not to mention they are super delicate and must be handled with care. We thought of these pains (and a lot more!) when creating the Reactor Series.

User experience was considered in every aspect of Reactor Series design, from the technological features and charging power to materials. With that said, we cannot wait to share the Reactor Series. 

rokform premium car charger

The first product of the Reactor Series, our Premium Car Charger, is now available for pre-order. The Premium Car Charger has dual USB ports that can charge two devices simultaneously. With 24 watts of total output and 2.4 amps each, both ports are packed with enough amperage to charge phones and tablets quickly. You can pre-order the charger on our website now. First orders are expected to ship early next month.

To stay up to date on all Reactor Series releases, subscribe to our interest list online.


Krista A.
Krista A.


2 Responses

William Compton
William Compton

September 04, 2018

I’ve been a ROKFORM customer since the beginning. And I promote your company every chance I get. Keep up the amazing work. Can we get a case that works with wireless charging?

Lex L Staley
Lex L Staley

July 27, 2018

I can’t wait you guys. Everything I fell in love with 8 yrs ago with ROKFORM is still in place. The innovation, attention to detail, caring about the user experience some of them. Once the user experience takes place for your regular and new customers there is nothing stopping you guys from being the World’s showcase of device protection, innovation, and style that I saw from the beginning. I can’t wait to receive my first item. Make sure you tell me what it is and when we can have it!

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