Rokform’s Universal Adapter Enables Accessory Integration

by Allie Decker February 05, 2014

Rokform’s Universal Adapter Enables Accessory Integration

As our fans have known for a while, Rokform smartphone, and tablet cases enjoy a large and varied collection of accessories. Originally, we developed the accessories to work specifically with our cases, making sure we were able to provide a well-designed ecosystem, from case to active accessory. After successfully accomplishing this goal, there was a concern about Rokform enthusiasts who wanted to use other manufacturer’s cases.

In the spirit of compatibility, we chose to make a step towards an open platform, by launching the Universal Adapter. This minimalistic plate, pictured above, is injection-molded polycarbonate with a snap connection attachment point that engages the complete Rokform accessory lineup, arranging a gateway to otherwise mismatched options.

The Universal Adapter is an adhesive plate designed to attach with most flat surfaces, utilizing non-residue 3M technology. Specific accessories lock directly with Universal Adapter by attaching to the Rokform Mounting System (RMS), which is molded seamlessly into the polycarbonate adapter. Located below the RMS locking mechanism, an integrated thermoplastic elastomer anti-slip grip offers additional connectivity with an embedded rare Earth magnet. Combining the lock system and magnet provides universal Rokform integration with a full accessory system designed for an active lifestyle.

“With a full line of customized accessories, offering compatibility to customers without a Rokform case is a priority for the team,” explained Steve Petyo, vice president. “Why hoard all of the fun accessories? The adapter opens opportunities for anyone attracted by our various options, regardless of their existing case.”

Rokform accessories offer a wide range of items, from the BikeMount to Windshield Suction Mount,Tripod Adapter to Rokmeister bottle opener. A magnetic dashboard mount keeps devices at eye level, or the v3 Sport Clip prevents dropping a smartphone during rough activity. In total, 16 individual tools, mounts, and accessories will directly engage the Universal Adapter, bringing Rokform quality and ruggedness to all handheld owners.

Sized 3.35” x 1.95” x .20” (88mm x 49.55mm x 5mm) Universal Adapter is a minimalist device requiring no installation, thanks to the easily applicable non-residue 3M strip. The kit includes: Universal Adapter; anti-slip grip; magnet kit; and, Easy-Stick Mount.

The Rokform team is very excited about this new product as more people will be able to enjoy the well-crafted accessories. You can see in the video above, the adapter will work with most cases on the market, utilizing a flat back. We hope the adapter is one more way for us to connect with new customers in an accommodating fashion. Of course, we would prefer if you used one of our smartphone cases, but the adapter lets you rock the case of your choice, while taking advantage of the accessory creativity.

Allie Decker
Allie Decker


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