Rokform Vent Mounts for Your Phone

by Ashley Schiermeyer December 16, 2016

Rokform Vent Mounts for Your Phone

If you are like me, you’ve been waiting for this little but powerful accessory from Rokform for some time. The Rokform Universal Magnetic Vent Mount is here and let me just say that it was WORTH the wait!

Universal Magnetic Vent Mount

As with anything Rokform, this Universal Magnetic Vent Mount is all about making your life easier.

I am one of those Rokform users who hasn’t been able to take advantage of the in-car magnetic mounting because my dash has offered little space to place a BAM Mount or even a Lil’ Rok.

Don’t get me wrong, the Windshield Suction Mount is amazing, but I felt like a little kid peeking into the window of a candy store but couldn’t go in when it came to in-car magnet mounting. You can only imagine my excitement when I found out we were coming out with a Vent Mount.


In case you were just asking yourself “why is this mount better?”, let me give you my top 5 reasons why it’s the bee's knees.

1. The Rokform Universal Magnetic Vent Mount is made from Super Grip TPE that won’t slip like other cheap silicone vent mounts. No slip equals no anger.
2. The machined aluminum specifically created a bezel that holds the front grip securely in place and won’t peel off. No peel equals no madness.
3. The materials were carefully chosen to make sure you and I are getting the best product out there.
4. I love the sleek design that this offers and how seamlessly it works with my Rokform Crystal Case.
5. I can take it anywhere. My car, a rental car, my friend's car to make her super jealous! Options are endless.


If you are out there and haven’t grabbed yourself a Rokform case, so full of all of its mounting possibilities, don’t worry because the Universal Magnetic Vent Mount comes with adhesive backed magnetic plates that can adhere to the back of almost any phone or case. So if you’re not ready for a full-time commitment, we thought of you too!

Ashley Schiermeyer
Ashley Schiermeyer


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