The RokShield v3 iPhone 5 Case is Here

by Ashley Schiermeyer September 25, 2012

The RokShield v3 iPhone 5 Case is Here

You’ve all been asking for it. Now, it’s finally here. Introducing Rokform’s case for the new iPhone 5, the RokShield v3.

Protect and mount the new iPhone 5 with the RokShield v3 case, the latest addition to the mountable v3 iPhone case line by Rokform

The RokShield v3 offers the first 2-in-1 case made by Rokform. With a slimmer profile and integrated mounting capabilities, you can mount the iPhone 5 literally anywhere. The RokShield is part of the v3 line of iPhone cases and is compatible with all Rokbed v3 accessories.

The RokShield v3 case provides users with more functionality than any other case available. TheRemote Mounting System (RMS) allows the iPhone to be mounted on any surface, while a High Pull Rare Earth (HPRE) magnet secures and positions the iPhone on any magnetic surface. Place your phone in places you’ve never thought before!

The RokShield v3 lives up to the tough and protective Rokform name and shields the iPhone 5 on all six sides. If that’s not enough, the RokShield v3 is also compatible with all v3 accessories. Take your prized iPhone 5 to the next round of golf or on an off-road biking trip.

And for only $49, it’s a match made in heaven for any iPhone enthusiast. Head-on over to the Rokform site to pre-order the RokShield v3 case today.


Ashley Schiermeyer
Ashley Schiermeyer


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