The V4 Pro-Series Bike Mount

by Krista A. October 11, 2019

The V4 Pro-Series Bike Mount

The Pro Series Bike Mount is the most secure phone mount solution for avid cyclists needing a reliable hold. Today we’re highlighting the most talked about features of the V4 Pro Series Bike Mount.

The Pro Series Bike Mount was redesigned and re-released in September of last year. If you use a navigation app while you ride or track your rides on an app like Strava, the V4 is the perfect bike mount for you. 


Meticulously designed using premium materials

Crafted from aircraft grade aluminum, the quality and thoughtfulness of the design is evident from the ease of mount installation to the adjustability when finding the right angle.

When it comes to bike mounts, premium materials lead to a better ride. That’s because you won’t have to worry about vibrations and shocks affecting your phone’s stability. Made with 6061-T6 aircraft grade aluminium, the mount is incredibly durable yet feather-light, weighing just 2.5 ounces.

As for installation, the V4 can be secured on your steer tube within minutes. Only one screw is needed for installation (down from two on the V3). This cuts installation time down and makes it much easier to take the mount on and off. The mount fits onto any steer tube size 1-1/8”.


Maximum adjustability for the perfect view

v4 bike mount for phone

Once installed, finding the perfect viewing angle is simple. With a range of motion that allows you to tilt your mount (and therefore your phone) from -20 to +55 degrees, your screen will always be at the perfect angle. You can also choose to mount your phone in portrait or landscape mode.

This is the most adjustable bike mount in our collection, allowing you to keep your phone visible and easy to access while riding.


Dual-retention locking system for worry-free riding

RokLock, our dual-retention locking system, makes sure your phone will not budge, even on the bumpiest rides.

The signature RokLock Twist Lock mount system is made with an aluminum fixture. Pair that with a larger, stronger magnet and the bike mount now boasts its most magnetic and secure fit ever. 

If that wasn’t enough, the V4 Bike Mount also comes with a lanyard to add an additional layer of protection and security.

The Pro Series Bike Mount is best suited for anyone that wants to have their phone mounted during technical rides, road or trail. That’s because the value of having an adjustable and reliable mount is difficult to find. Order the V4 Pro-Series Bike Mount online for yourself or gift it to a cyclist that needs it.


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Krista A.
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