Top 4 Reasons Why Truckers Need a Hands-Free Mount

by Ben Price February 28, 2023

Interior of truck, with phone on a ROKFORM hands-free mount

From catching up with friends on social media to offering a source of entertainment via podcasts, music, and video apps, mobile phones are a huge part of our lives. With that being said, using one’s phone on the road is both dangerous and highly illegal, and should be avoided at all costs -- but truck drivers who spend much of their day on the road can still utilize some of their cell phone's features with the proper accessories.

With a hands-free car mount, safely performing certain tasks like listening to music, utilizing GPS maps, and more on your phone can still be possible. Here are the four biggest reasons why truckers need one of ROKFORM’s hands-free mounts while on the go.

1.Hands-Free Calls

Making deliveries while on the road requires a lot of communication – for this reason, having one’s cell phone handy at all times is often necessary. Instead of having to dig through a bag, reach in the glove compartment, or even reach inside a pocket, having your phone always readily available on a hands-free mount is far more convenient. Phone mounts eliminate truck drivers’ needs to use their hands in order to operate their phones, which makes taking calls easier and safer than ever before.

A few ROKFORM phone mounts that we recommend trying are the Magnetic Windshield Suction Mount, the Super Grip Vent Mount, and the Low Profile Magnetic Car Dash Mount. Each of these car mounts allow for hands-free usage of one’s smart phone while on the road, but each operate slightly differently from one another. 

The Magnetic Windshield Suction Mount can be easily mounted onto any windshield, and is very adjustable and can be placed just about anywhere. The Super Grip Vent Mount, which can be attached to just about any car vent, is great for vehicles that have little space available elsewhere and is also very easy to readjust. Finally, the Low Profile Magnetic Car Dash Mount is great because it takes up very little space, and is the least intrusive of all of our car mounts.

2. Easier Navigation

Truck drivers need to know where they’re going when making deliveries, therefore having navigational directions available to them at all times is pretty much essential. And while many modern vehicles feature some sort of built-in GPS navigation system, many commercial grade trucks do not.

 iPhone with ROKFORM phone case using GPS navigation to drive, with directions to ROKFORM headquarters in California.

Many truckers rely on the navigational apps on their smart devices; but without an easy way to view your navigation hands-free, using such apps can become dangerous. Because of this, utilizing a hands-free mount is essential for truckers: it allows truckers to more easily navigate while driving while also keeping themselves and others safe.

One car mount that we’d like to recommend is the RokLock Car Dash Mount, which locks your phone into place very securely and easily. Mountable onto any smooth and flat surfaces, this car mount is compatible with all ROKFORM mountable phone cases.

3. Safer Access to Entertainment

Truck drivers are often on the road for incredibly long periods of time, which can be quite boring and dull. Sometimes, a bit of entertainment is just what one needs in order to break the monotony of being on the road – but at the same time, using your phone while driving is a big no-no. Thankfully, with a hands-free mount, accessing entertainment like podcasts and music apps is far more safe.

Music playing on iPhone mounted on ROKFORM hands-free mount.

A hands-free mount can allow you to access your entertainment apps without having to hold your phone, improving your focus and attentiveness while on the road.

We recommend trying out the Swivel Dash Mount, which is a magnetic car mount that allows drivers to easily access entertainment on the road, while staying safe. This mount is easily attached to any car dash via a sticky adhesive, and has a super grip face that magnetically secures your phone with adjustable angles.

4. Fewer Distractions

Safety should be the number one priority while driving, so a hands-free mount is an absolute must-have for truckers. Using one’s phone while driving can be quite unsafe as it only adds distractions which makes for unsafe driving. By utilizing a hands-free mount, you’ll have quicker access to the aforementioned tasks like calls, navigation, and listening to podcasts and other entertainment without endangering yourself and others on the road.

Try out our MagSafe compatible car mounts, which feature even bigger magnetic surfaces for better mounting, an anti-slip silicone face, and are easily installable and adjustable. We recommend checking out either our Dual Magnet Vent Mount or Dual Magnet Swivel Mount.

 Comparing the Dual Magnet Swivel Mount to other mounts

Best Hands-Free Mount for Truckers

If you happen to be in the market for a hands-free mount for your mobile phone, then you’ve come to the right place. The ROKFORM Dual Magnet Swivel Mount is the perfect fit for most trucks, as its adhesive allows you to stick it easily onto just about any flat surface. Alternatively, we also sell hands-free suction mounts and vent mounts.

ROKFORM swivel mount on truck dashboard.

In addition, you’ll want to purchase a magnetic phone case that will allow you to easily connect your phone to your mount. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Securely Mount My Phone Will Driving?

While driving in large vehicles such as commercial trucks, you’ll often encounter bumpy roads, speed bumps, potholes, and occasional extreme weather conditions. Many customers often have the same question,  ‘Will my smart phone be secure while driving?’

 Interior of truck with phone secured on ROKFORM hands-free mount.

We can confidently confirm that yes, your phone will stay secured while using ROKFORM’s hands-free mounts. All ROKFORM phone mounts feature a strong magnet that is incredibly secure, feature a super grip face that magnetically secures one’s phone, and have a low-profile design that will look great on any car dash.

Infographic illustrating ROKFORM Dual Magnet Swivel Mount

Can a ROKFORM Dash Mount Hold a Heavy Phone?

Absolutely! The ROKFORM Dual Magnet Swivel Dash Mount as well as our other hands-free mounts feature powerful magnets that offer a very strong hold and secure grip that support even the largest phones. Big phones such as the iPhone 14 Pro Max and Galaxy S23 ULTRA are supported, and work with ROKFORM mounts with no issues.

Top 10 FAQs about ROKFORM Dual Magnet Swivel Dash Mount.

Can a ROKFORM Dash Mount be used in both Portrait and Landscape Mode?

Yes, smart phones can be used in either portrait mode or landscape mode with any of ROKFORM’s hands-free mounts, allowing you to have the perfect viewing angle while driving. Compatibility will depend on your phone case, however, as only phone cases with the magnet located in the center will be able to mount for a landscape view. 

 iPhone with ROKFORM phone case on ROKFORM car mount in landscape view.

For the perfect view while on the road, we recommend using the official ROKFORM cases and using the center magnet on the back of your phone. ROKFORM cases, like the Rugged and Crystal, are also compatible with RokLock mounts, which are also adjustable for landscape view. ROKFORM cases are all highly durable, offer 360-degree protection, and feature built-in industrial-grade magnets that keep your phone secure while mounted.

“This thing is awesome, and super convenient in my truck… It works flawlessly.” -Steven W.

ROKFORM Hands Free Mounts: The Trucker’s Choice

Overall, truckers looking to more easily manage GPS, phone calls, and entertainment while on the road should invest in a ROKFORM phone mount. Our hands-free mounts allow drivers to more safely and efficiently utilize their phone’s various features while staying safe.

Have questions or interested to learn more about the Dual Magnet Swivel Mount’s features? We are available for online chat or in-person at our Irvine, California showroom. Call us toll-free at 855-765-3676, e-mail, or visit us at

Ben Price
Ben Price


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