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iPhone 6/6s Plus Rear Protective Guard

Item #: 342821


The iPhone 6/6s Plus Rear Protective Guard by Rokform is built tough to keep the back of your iPhone 6/6s Plus safe against drops, scratches and dirt. Made from super strong and durable materials, you’ll never have to worry about ruining the back of your phone if you accidentally bump or drop it in your active life.


Installing the Rokform Screen Protector for the iPhone 6/6S Plus is a breeze! Simply clean the back of your iPhone, align the Rear Protective Guard and stick the Rear Protective Guard to your phone. Use the included squeegee to remove any air bubbles.


The Rokform iPhone 6/6s Plus Rear Protective Guard can be easily removed at your convenience with a simple pull on any of the corners. Don’t worry- it’s special design is guaranteed to leave your screen clean and won’t leave any kinds of marks or sticky residue when you decide to take it off.