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Selfie Stick

Item #: 335854


Get a head above the crowd at every wedding, concert, & ball game with the new Rokform Selfie Stick. Perfect for group or solo selfies, never miss another opportunity to record the priceless moments of your life when you bring along the Rokform Selfie Stick.


The Rokform Selfie stick utilizes Bluetooth technology, so you never have to mess with self-timers or unattractive cables again. It’s so easy to sync your device to the Rokform Selfie Stick, simply turn it on, and select “ROKFORM” as the device you want to pair, and you’re ready to start snapping some great photos.


Reaching from 7” to 29” when fully collapsed or extended, the Rokform Selfie Stick is extremely versatile, allowing you to always get the best photo possible. The Phone insert clamp is adjustable 270 degrees, so you can always capture your best angle.


Complete with the Rokform Mountain Bike Handlebar, textured, anti-slip grip design, you can comfortably snap your selfies without worrying about dropping your device. It is lightweight and compact enough to fit conveniently in even the smallest of bags.


You can be assured that your device is always safe when you pair it with your Rokform Selfie Stick. It can hold up to 11 lbs., utilizes anti-slip grip technology, and also comes with the popular Rokform Lanyard for an added layer of protection against drops.


The Rokform Selfie Stick is compatible with most devices with or without a case on, including but not limited to: iOS devices (iPhone, iPod, iTouch & More), Android devices (Samsung Galaxy & more), Windows and Motorola Phones.