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Outdoor Tech Buckshot 2.0 Portable Bluetooth Speaker


    • Big(ger) sound, tiny package. Stop laughing, start packing
    • Improved IPX6 dust- and waterproof standard
    • Three (yep 3) mounting options, including a new tough wearable clip
    • Wireless connectivity to any Bluetooth-enabled device
    • Included silicone handlebar mount accessory
    • Built-in microphone/speakerphone for call and chats with Siri
    • Portable Bluetooth Speaker
    • USB charge cable
    • Handlebar strap
    • ODT sticker
    • User Manual

Poolside, parkside, trailside, beachside, or rolling a dozen deep with your scooter gang, the Buckshot brings savage sound from a tiny package. Nothing measures up to the Buckshot's ultra-portable, tougher-than-you-are rugged design, and with the Buckshot 2.0, we're pretty much leaving the industry with its shirt pulled ouver its head, nose bloddy, wallet missing. Pretty unfair if we're honest, but hey, we aren't saying sorry. This mini sonic boom can ride shotgun on your pack, strapped to your handlebars, your ski polem your wingsuit, or the roof of your car, even if that makes no sense. That's not the point. The point is you can take it, and your soundtrack, whereever you go. And that's dope.


What's New

A 20-Hour battery, for 33% longer listening time. That leaves four hours in the day for sleeping, eating, or feeding your fish (we suggest a combination of the three). 60 feet of Bluetooth range, so you can party down from three times as far away. PLUS a fancy-yet-functional clip that lets you hang it from your belt, strap it to your bag or handlebars, or screw it to any 1/4" threaded postm just like a camera. And it wouldn't be very OT of ust to go through all the trouble of making a new verison of our badass baby Bluettoh speaker without making it louder. SO WE DID.


What's not new (But still awesome):

Shockproof, IPX6-Rated Dust- and Waterproof toughness that lets the Buckshot ride with your through stroms, over mountains, and down the trail. Voice-activation that lets you take calls, voice-dial, and summon Siri for obscure trivia answers. Easy external controls for changing tracks and volume IRL. Because while you're listening for longer, from further away than ever before, with the Buckshot 2.0 hanging from a tree or the bars of your scraper bike, we want you to be able to hear every song in your "Been Trill" playlist with perfect clarity and absolutely no worries. It was already good, but the Buckshot 2.0 is badder than ever. Like we said before, sorry not sorry. In fact, you're welcome.