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Galaxy S5/S6 RokDock

Item #: 070-07KB

Black Aluminum


Always have your Galaxy S5/S6 in view and fully charged with the Rokform RokDock for Galaxy S5/S6. This easy to use docking and charging station comes with a Rokform Micro USB, simply install using the instructions in the video below, and you're ready to rok!

Layers of protection

Sleek Design


The Rokform Rokdock for Galaxy S5/S6 is a unique complement to any desk or nightstand. It comes in an array of colors to suit your personal style, from Rokform orange and grey to the popular matte black, and is sure to keep your office looking its best.


CNC Machined from more than 3 pounds of solid aircraft grade aluminum, the Galaxy S5/S6 Rokdock is perfectly weighted for easy one handed docking and un-docking for your Galaxy S5/S6.

motorcycle mount access


Check out this video to learn more about the Rokform Rokdock for Galaxy S5/S6.