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Skull BAM Magnetic Car Dash Mount


    • Easily mounts to any flat Surface - options are endless - office, car, home, shop
    • Large enough to hold the iPhone 6/6s/7 Plus but still discreet at less than 1"
    • 15 lb. Pull, to securely hold heavier devices
    • Magnetically safe, will Not affect your GPS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, credit cards, Apple Pay, data transfer or the Camera on your Device
    • Designed in California
    • Skull BAM Car Dash Mount
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Avoid spending your hard earned money on a Hands-Free ticket! Use the Rokform BAM Magnetic Car Dash Mount to access your GPS or music, screen or answer calls safely. Arriving to your destination is half the fun when you cruise with the Rokform BAM Magnetic Car Dash Mount. Use your smartphone as your guide- simply snap your device on, input your endpoint to your favorite navigation app and you are good to go. With the Rokform BAM Magnetic Car Dash Mount, you will always arrive safely and on time.

Handsfree experience


Since 2011, Rokform has been the pioneers of Safe Magnetic Mounting. The Rokform BAM Magnetic Mount is guaranteed safe, and will not affect your GPS, Bluetooth, Wifi, Credit Cards, Apple pay, Data Transfer or the Camera on your device.


The discreet, 1” Rokform BAM Magnetic Mount is made from a 15 lb. rare earth magnet which creates an extremely strong, secure pull. You can be assured that when you use this magnet mount with your favorite mountable Rokform case, your device will remain firmly in place.

GoPro App

Adjustble GoPro Mount


The Rokform BAM Magnetic Mount is great for use just about anywhere! From the office to the car or around the garage or house, simply peel to reveal the 3M™ tape, stick to a clean, flat, hard surface, and let the magnets get to work.

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Skull Great! Looks even better! ;-)

There is precious little space in a Subaru Outback to mount a cellphone and since my state just recently changed over to absolutely NO HANDS on your phone while driving (it's about time IMHO), and since I did not want to block any of my air conditioning vents in this summers' heat, I was left with few choices.

To the rescue comes the Skull Magnet! It mounted easily, and Rok

Skull bam!

Product was awesome but couldn't use it due to not having any flat surfaces on my dash sadly, so had to order the vent mount wish looks like it should work perfect .

Thanks for the great review! We were sorry to hear you weren't able to use your mount in your car! The Skull BAM mount will work on any flat surface, perfect for your home or office! One of our favorite places is in the garage!

Skull BAM Magnetic Car Dash Mount

Love the unique Skull design!

Works as well as the original BAM mount but a lot more fun to look at!

Strong magnet

Holds my iPhone 8+ securely to my dash. Very good product.

Great addition to the whole rokform experience

This is the second one that I’ve bought. I wound up giving the first one to my son. The magnet is super strong and really holds the phone in place.



Excellent product

As exceptional product.

The Magnet for Me!

Ordered extra magnets for our new cases for our X's. We want one for the driver and passenger in each car. Saw the skull and bones option so that was a must for my ride. If your into skulls like me, this is the magnet for you! And don't bother with other adhesive magnets, none compare to the fit, finish, and performance of RokForm magnets.

Skull Magnet

Awesome magnet, my phone dosent move unless I want it too!! And it looks cool too!!