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Samsung Note 3 Case - Help Make This a Reality

Rokform Kickstarter Note3 Program

How can I help bring the Rokform Note 3 Case into production?

We have received many requests for a Note 3 mountable case from customers. In order to help fund the production of the case, tooling and raw material costs, we have decided to launch a Kickstarter project. Kickstarter allows you to pledge funds for a project. If the project does not fully fund you receive your entire pledge back. However, if it does fund you will receive the reward level that you choose.

So help us spread the word about the Rokform Samsung Note 3 Case Kickstarter Project. Every pledge brings us closer to producing a case that will revolutionize how people interact with their Note 3. Thank you for your support!

Reward Levels

Level 1 - $15

  • Universal Smartphone Mounting Kit
  • A great way to support the project even if you do not have a Note 3

Level 2 - $25

  • Rokform Note 3 Case
  • Easy-Stick Mount

Level 3 - $45

  • Rokform Note 3 Case
  • Easy-Stick Mount
  • Bike Mount +Lanyard

Level 4 - $75

  • Rokform Note 3 Case
  • Easy-Stick Mount
  • Wind Shield Suction Mount