Bicycling Phone Mounts

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a pro, or just like cruising on the weekends- it’s important more than ever before to stay connected on your ride. While riding with a Rokform Bike mount, it will be easier than ever to access your favorite riding apps, navigation and music.

Never miss an important phone call while riding again! The Rokform Bike Mounts allows you to screen your calls, and pull over to take the important ones. Feel like recording your ride? The Pro Series Bike Mount Adjustable viewing angle (from -20 to +55 degrees) allows you to get all the great shots you desire. The Rokform Bike Mounts are made by riders, for riders- no matter the terrain or conditions, Rokform offers the ultimate protection.

Pro Series Bike Mount

Aluminum Stem Phone Mount

Sport Series Bike Mount

TPU Handlebar Phone Mount
Water Resistant Skin BackPack Pro Series BikeMount Sport Series BikeMount Johnny O'Mara Test

Recommended Biking Apps

barchick app

Cyclemeter (FREE)

This app features built in training assistance, allows you to track and post various statistics, lets you share your workouts online and notify your friends and family of your location.


Strava (FREE)

Strava collect stats like distance, pace, speed, and calories burned, collect your heart rate, and follow routes you’ve previously created or record new routes as you go. Compete against friends or yourself by setting personal records that you can compare to your past rides or against other locals or pros. (Upgrade to Strava Premium for $5.99/month or $59.99/year.)

lyft app

Map my ride (FREE)

Not only does Map My Ride allow you to easily log, record and share data from your rides, it also sets up a 24/7 Activity Graph for you. One of our favorite features? Use the Gear Tracker and get notified when you’re ready to replace things like athletic shoes, based on the amount of activity they’ve been used for.

parkme app

Bike Repair App (FREE)

This app is exactly what you need to stay on top of your cycling game. This app offers tips and tricks for improved riding, detailed photo repair guides, allows you to keep track of your bike’s parts and maintenance history, and has a weather forecast that suggests what to wear on your ride based on the conditions.

howl app

Pandora (FREE)

Every ride needs a soundtrack! Choose from hundreds of music and comedy genre stations, or make up to 100 personalized radio stations based on your favorite Artists, Albums or songs. Use the Pandora app to get pumped up on your next ride.