FUZION Magnetische MAGMAX™ Brieftasche mit Ständer
FUZION Magnetische MAGMAX™ Brieftasche mit Ständer
FUZION Magnetische MAGMAX™ Brieftasche mit Ständer
FUZION Magnetische MAGMAX™ Brieftasche mit Ständer
FUZION Magnetische MAGMAX™ Brieftasche mit Ständer
FUZION Magnetische MAGMAX™ Brieftasche mit Ständer
FUZION Magnetische MAGMAX™ Brieftasche mit Ständer

FUZION Magnetische MAGMAX™ Brieftasche mit Ständer

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Designed to work exclusively with MagSafe® cases, our phone wallet provides a maximum hold and doubles as a kickstand.
• Holds up to 7 cards and 3 folded bills.
• Extra strength MagSafe® magnetic hold.
• RFID Blocking technology built into slim, durable aluminum

Entwickelt für die ausschließliche Verwendung mit MagSafe® Handyhüllen.

ALL NEW FUZION Magnetic Wallet with Stand, MagSafe® Compatible
wurde für Menschen entwickelt, die ihr Geld vor allem schützen wollen - außer vielleicht vor Inflation.

Die Fuzion-Geldbörse ist mit unserem neuen MAGMAX-Ring ausgestattet, mit dem sie direkt auf der Rückseite jeder MagSafe® Handytasche befestigt werden kann. Es handelt sich um eine schlanke, leichte und robuste Aluminiumkonstruktion, gepaart mit MAGMAX™ Extra starker MagSafe® - in Verbindung mit ROKFORM-Hüllen ist sie sogar 10x stärker.

ROKFORM hat sich als Marke für hart arbeitende Menschen etabliert, die Wert auf Zuverlässigkeit, Funktionalität und Langlebigkeit der von ihnen verwendeten Geräte legen.

  • MAGNETISCHE ANZIEHUNG: Befestigen Sie Ihre Fuzion-Brieftasche einfach an der Rückseite Ihrer MagSafe® Handytasche, um das Leben einfacher zu machen.
  • ALLES WAS SIE BRAUCHEN. NICHTS, WAS SIE NICHT BRAUCHEN: Unsere Fuzion-Brieftasche fasst 1-7 Karten und bis zu 3 Geldscheine. Wir haben auch einen eingebauten Ständer und einen Klappständer für eine bequeme Betrachtung in jeder Ausrichtung.
  • FRONT POCKET FRIENDLY: So schlank, dass Sie es überall hinschieben können. Die ganze Kraft, aber nicht die Masse.
  • GEBAUT WIE EIN ROK: Hochwertige Materialien schaffen hochwertige Werkzeuge. Premium-Werkzeuge bieten Premium-Erlebnisse. Willkommen beim Schutz auf militärischem Niveau.
  • 2 JAHRE ROKFORM-GARANTIE: 2 Jahre beschränkte Garantie und ein 5-Sterne-Kundendienstteam in Irvine.


A powerful FUZION of aluminum and magnetic features that results in a lightweight stronghold for your cards. Functional? You can bank on it. Our slim aluminum magnetic wallet holds firm to your phone with MAGMAX™ extra strength magnetic hold. 2X stronger than your standard MagSafe™ phone wallet, and 10X stronger when paired with one of our cases!


Level up to a modern, slimmer, cleaner, more functional magnetic wallet card holder to keep your cards, and cash connected and protected. With digital pay apps, there's no need for a bulky wallet! Our stylish phone card holder expands with heavy duty elastic nylon to fit everything you need while still easily slipping into your pocket.


Introducing the slim magnetic wallet of the future - with features that will never fold. Constructed with light and durable aluminum as well as RFID blocking protection to help keep you safe from identity fraud. Expandable via heavy duty elastic and exclusive MagMax™ magnetic ring for a superior hold to your phone.


Less is more. Our MagSafe® phone wallet holds up to 7 cards and 3 folded bills. An overflowing wallet might've been impressive in 1990, but now it's 2024. No more rummaging through your pockets or countless cards in a prehistoric wallet - our magnetic phone wallet expands to hold everything you need. Ditch the bulk and embrace the future.


Your hands have better things to do. Let our MagSafe® wallet stand do the lifting for you. Introducing hands-free convenience- whenever and wherever you want it. We designed our phone wallet with dual functionality so you don't have to choose between your cards and a kickstand. A 'fuzion' of the best of both worlds with Rokform!


The new FUZION magnetic iPhone wallet is designed to work with MAGSAFE® CASES ONLY and is not intended to be used on the phone alone. Unfortunately, the magnets built into the Apple iPhone are not strong enough on their own to support this functionality. Please ensure you're using a MagSafe® compatible case. Rokforms iPhone 13 and 14 cases are all MagSafe® compatible. In addition, the new Samsung Galaxy S23 cases by Rokform are also MagSafe® compatible.

RFID (Radio-Frequency identification) This is important to know because most cards now are RFID Credit cards. An RFID credit card has radio frequency identification technology to read your card instead of the old school magnetic strip. This allows you the convenience of using a payment terminal without having to swipe or insert your card into a machine i.e.: waving your card near the machine to make a payment.
While it is easy and convenient to use, it can also be easy for a would-be thief to wave their reader near your credit cards and potentially steal your data just as easily as you bought that 30 pack of Coors Light at the grocery store. When your cards are inside the ROKFORM iPhone MagSafe® wallet, the aluminum and steel block readers, making your cards and data safe from would-be thieves.

You should remove the FUZION wallet before placing a MagSafe® Charger on the back of your iPhone. Our magnetic iPhone wallet doesn't have any charging capabilities on its own. Its built-in magnet aligns with the MagSafe® feature on the back of your iPhone, so you can hold cards. But it's not compatible with wireless charging.

No. Our magnetic wallet is made of aluminum and steel, neither have any effect on your credit cards. Using it to mount magnetically is also completely safe and will not harm your credit cards.

The tough anodize coating on the aluminum is scratch resistant but not scratch-proof. Deep sharp gouges and abrasions can scratch the MagSafe® phone wallet but won’t diminish its integrity in any way.

If you appreciate additional features that come with the wallet while having your cards handy, the FUZION MagSafe® wallet is a practical, stylish accessory. Our credit card holder for phones not only puts your cards in a convenient location - many users find that the FUZION wallet enhances their grip on their phone.

No, a magnet does not drain a phone's battery. Our magnetic wallet for iPhone is carefully engineered to align property with your phone magnets. This ensures a secure connection without causing damage to the phone or its battery. Magnetic wallets will not affect your battery's lifespan or damage your phone data.

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