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Magnets are still safe to use with your smartphone!

We’re getting back to the basics and explaining why our magnetic products will not damage your phone (guaranteed!).
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The age of magnet-anxiety around small electronics is over. Instead, magnetic capability is now a core feature of new smartphones along with their wireless chargers and magnetic accessories. While magnets were the old enemy of outdated tech like CRT televisions and floppy discs, they won’t interfere with most modern electronic devices.

Even so, it’s still somewhat common to receive questions about the true safety of magnets near mobile phones. And that’s totally understandable— purchasing a smartphone is a big investment and protecting that investment should be a top priority. In this blog, we’re getting back to the basics. 

Keep reading to learn about the components inside your precious device, its magnet technology, and the advantages of ROKFORM magnetic accessories— guaranteed to not damage your phone.

ROKFORM: A Brief History and the Importance of Magnets

ROKFORM has been in the business of creating phone cases, mounts and accessories since 2011. Magnets have always been an important part of our story as a brand and integral to our products. 

With over a decade of expertise, ROKFORM has shown that magnets are safe for use with your smartphone, adding functionality in many creative and innovative ways. Apple launched MagSafe® technology in 2020 as a way to provide more consistent charging for iPhone users, popularizing magnetic accessories and wireless charging. It was just another validation that magnets can be used safely with smartphones today.

There is no ROKFORM without magnets, and that’s been true since our very first smartphone case. We detail this origin story in this comprehensive article posted to the ROKFORM website, but the highlights are included below:

"Our original idea was for our RokLock twist lock mechanism to automatically lock using the power of magnets. Unfortunately, we couldn't find a magnet that size powerful enough to twist and lock an iPhone. Then we thought, "What if we used magnets so we could attach our phones to anything magnetic, no mount required?"  

We found larger magnets and double side taped them to the back of an iPhone 4. Then, we stuck the prototype onto our metal file cabinet and voila! It worked, except for one problem. When we put a smooth magnet onto another smooth surface (like a fridge or a filing cabinet), the phone would slowly slide down. This was mostly because there wasn't enough grip/friction -- the magnet had enough power to hold the phone but not enough grip to keep it in place.

To keep the phone from slipping down, we stuck some adhesive-backed rubber onto the magnet. The execution was crude but it worked like magic! Now when you stuck the phone onto a slick surface it had the grip it needed to not only hold but hold amazingly well. Phones would stay on slick surfaces like a file cabinet and uneven ones like the corner bead of textured and painted drywall." 

Continued below...

ROKFORM iPhone 4 magnet prototype tests

"We had created a simple iPhone mount that would instantly and securely stick to anything magnetic. The magnet was so strong we decided to test its limits. We drove to our local Golf Club and stuck the phone to the golf cart rail right in plain view. The iPhone 4 did not budge even after 18 holes of golf! We drove over bumps, in the woods, and on uneven cart paths but it stayed strong. We mounted our new "magnetic" iPhones everywhere we could - the more we used them, the more addicted we became. We had to make this a reality for everyone.

We had proven our initial magnet would work, so we quickly got to work refining the design. We produced custom-made nickel plated Neodymium magnets along with a specially designed textured TPU (soft rubber) magnet grip insert to hold the magnet. The result was our first injection molded polycarbonate case, the Rokform v3, named for the 3rd case Rokform created in its short little life. The Rokform v3 case for the iPhone 4 with its magnetic insert was an instant success. Within weeks we had sold thousands of cases. Customers could not believe how useful having a magnet in an iPhone case was."

Jeff Whitten, CEO

ROKFORM’s latest phone cases have taken magnetic technology to the next level. Each magnetic phone case since the iPhone 13 series is rated MagSafe®-compatible to facilitate wireless charging while its powerful magnets let you attach your phone to any magnetic surface for easy, hands-free use. Find the iPhone or Samsung case that matches your phone model and protect it from drops up to 6 feet!

Will a Magnet Damage My Smartphone?

The simple answer is no, a magnet will not damage your smartphone, but it’s worth knowing why exactly that is the case. ROKFORM’s magnet technology is safe to use with your smartphone and won’t interfere with its internal components or other important functions. 

Dive into the details below to understand more about how magnets are compatible with the different parts of your phone!

No, a magnet will not damage your smartphone’s screen

Remember those old big screens that would hum when switched on? Those were televisions with cathode ray tube (CVT) technology and they were susceptible to magnetic interference. They formed an image by deflecting a finely focused beam of electrons with magnetic fields. Thus, an external magnetic force interfered with the magnetic field, which was necessary to create an image. 

A modern television, desktop computer, or phone screen has LED displays and uses electricity to form an image. Therefore a magnet does not pose any danger to your smartphone's screen.

No, a magnet will not damage your smartphone’s memory

People are sometimes surprised to find out that a magnet has no adverse effect on your phone’s storage or memory. And the reason is simple— your phone’s metal components are not magnetic. If they aren’t magnetic, they cannot be disturbed by magnets in your phone’s case.

Apple iPhone and Android devices use NAND flash memory, which are not affected by magnets. Since there is nothing magnetic in solid-state drives or flash drives and they have no moving mechanical parts, mobile devices are immune to magnetic fields. These storage methods use integrated circuit assemblies as memory to store data and won’t suffer any data loss caused by magnets.

Rest assured that your phone and credit cards are safe with ROKFORM’s magnetic phone cases. If you’re on the hunt for a high-quality wallet, ROKFORM recently released the all-new  FUZION Magnetic MAGMAX™ Wallet with Stand. Simplify your everyday carry with this slim, lightweight wallet that magnetically attaches to the back of your phone. It holds up to 7 credit cards and 3 folded bills and its strong magnets are completely safe around your cards— there’s even built-in RFID protection.

No, a magnet will not damage your smartphone’s battery

Cell phones use lithium-ion batteries which aren’t affected by magnets. Lithium is part of the alkali metal group which shares the property of being non-magnetic. These batteries work by sending a flow of positively charged lithium ions back and forth through the lithium salt electrolyte, from the anode to the cathode, effectively charging the phone. Since the materials for batteries are not magnetic, they are not affected by magnets in any way.

No, a magnet will not damage your smartphone’s speaker

While it is true that smartphone speakers use magnets, it is also true that the placement of the built-in magnet on your Rokform case or mount will be located in a different place from your smartphone’s speakers. Your speakers will not be affected by the magnets.

When it comes to speakers, ROKFORM recognizes the huge benefits of integrated magnets. The G-ROK Wireless Golf Speaker is a booming Bluetooth speaker with strong neodymium magnets that securely hold it to your golf cart, even over rough paths. This waterproof and ultra-portable speaker is a must-have for all golfers!

“The G-ROK looks great, sounds great and I use it every time I play. The magnets are amazing and the battery life is outstanding.”

—AL 8/31/2020

No, a magnet will not damage your smartphone’s compass or GPS

A phone’s compass uses sensors to identify your cardinal direction. These sensors can be affected by very strong magnetic fields, but only the kind that are found in industrial or laboratory settings. Traditional analog compasses and their needle can be spun around with small magnets but a phone’s compass reading won’t be affected by the magnetic field.

The ROKFORM team conducts numerous tests prior to each product launch to make sure the cases function properly with smartphones, including a compass test. Because of the location of the magnets and the compass’ sensors in your phone, the compass operates just like normal with a ROKFORM case or phone car mount, or the best truck phone mount.

Your phone’s GPS does not rely on the electric compass built into your phone. Instead, GPS applications like Google Maps use receivers and satellites to triangulate your position. These are not affected by magnets next to your phone. Secure your phone in your vehicle with one of ROKFORM’s sturdy car phone holders. Pick between a MagSafe Dash Mount, Vent Mount, or Windshield Suction Mount to position your phone exactly where you want it!

When Are Magnets Safe to Use on Smartphone?

Modern smartphones are magnet-friendly so there’s rarely a situation when you would need to keep magnets at a distance. Magnets help create functional accessories and won’t mess with your phone. See below just how safe it is to use magnetic phone cases and mounts!

Are Magnets Safe to Use Near My Smartphone's Parts?

Screen Yes
Memory & Data Absolutely
Battery Yeah!
Speaker Yup
Compass & GPS You Bet
Phone Mounts Always
Wireless Charging

Yes - Without the Center Magnet 

If Using a ROKFORM Case

The ROKFORM Guarantee

When you look at all the key components people usually worry about in their smart phones, you’ll see that they are magnet safe because, for the most part, they are magnet-free. And for the components that do rely on small magnets, like speakers and the compass, they won’t be affected by the neodymium magnets used in ROKFORM products. 

Watch this video about ROKFORM’s wide range of magnetic accessories that are safe to use in your daily life!

If you’re not a proud ROKFORM customer already, show your phone some love and give us a try. You’ll love the versatility, quality, protection, and service. If for some reason you don’t, just send your product back within 60 days for a full refund. There’s also a 2-year product warranty as well as the friendly customer service team at our Southern California headquarters ready to answer any questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use magnetic phone mounts with my smartphone?

Yes! Using magnetic mounts is a great way to easily secure your phone and it won’t do any permanent damage to your device. ROKFORM offers a magnetic phone car mount and accessories designed for cycling, motorcycle riding, and driving so you can use your phone hands-free. Your phone’s internal components aren’t magnetic so they won’t be affected by magnets.

Can I wirelessly charge my phone with its magnetic case still on?

Yes, ROKFORM magnetic phone cases allow for the wireless charging of your iPhone or Samsung device. Cases such as the ROKFORM Eagle 3 are always ready for a wireless charger. If the case has the optional Magnetic RokLock Plug installed, however, users will need to remove it before charging wirelessly. Learn more about the “Pros and Cons of Wireless Charging” in this article. 

What is MagSafe?®

MagSafe® is a wireless charging and accessory-attachment standard developed by Apple. The integrated magnets inside iPhones are specially designed to facilitate fast, cable-free charging and be compatible with a range of accessories, such as ROKFORM’s MagSafe Mounts and cases.

ROKFORM: Magnetic Accessories for your Smartphone

ROKFORM’s MAGMAX™ technology provides an even stronger bond between your device and magnetic accessory, such as wireless chargers, phone cases, wallets, and mounts. Protect your device with a ROKFORM magnetic phone holder and enjoy hands-free use!

Infographic showing ROKFORM MagSafe compatible phone case

ROKFORM is premium handheld innovation made for those who take action seriously. Our products are designed in California, inspired by necessity and first-hand experience, built to last, backed by real people, and engineered by an experienced team.

Whether you're wondering if magnets are safe to use on smartphone, looking for a premium phone case, versatile mounting system, or functional accessories, ROKFORM has you covered! Visit our showroom in Irvine, California, or contact our 5-star support team with any questions, comments, or concerns.  

Are your cases wireless charging compatible?

Yes. For best wireless charging results, we reccomend the following: For Apple® MagSafe® Wireless Charger USB-C 65W Wall Charger from Anker, you can find it on Amazon by searching ASIN: B08F28BH7C. For a wireless charging Pad: TOZO W1 10W wireless charger, you can find this on Amazon by searching ASIN: B07FM8R7J1 and the Apple® 20W USB-C charging adapter. For in vehicle charging: We cannot guarantee that wireless charging with a Crystal or Rugged case will work with all Qi® chargers and in all vehicles due to the nearly infinite combinations, including vehicle type, charging area, power output, etc. For Crystal case customers: Please be sure to remove the round inner microfiber ring on the inside of the case. We no longer include this with current production but if you have it, please remove it for best performance. Removing the round liner will not affect protection. Questions: If you have any questions, please call our customer service team at 855-765-3676 or e-mail at info@rokform.com

Will the magnet in your phone cases hurt my phone?

NO. Manufacturers have been using magnets in phones and tablets for years. Our specially designed rare earth magnets are proven safe for all smartphones and tablets. In a product overview from MacWorld, they said: "magnet based accessories are safe to use on iPads and pose no threat of scrambling interior electronics.” Our magnets will not harm your credit cards either. Magnets will only affect spinning hard drives found in old laptop and desktop computers. The magnet also may affect a hotel key but then again what doesn't? Bottom line, our magnets are safe but don’t set your phone on your old computer or your hotel key ;-)

What is your return policy?

We have a 60-day return policy. To start a return please email us at info@rokform.com. To view our complete return policy, please click here. Our goal at Rokform® is 100% customer satisfaction. Please call us at 1-855-ROKFORM (1-855-765-3676) with any questions or concerns, and we’ll be happy to assist you. Customer Service Hours: - Monday – Thursday, 8am – 5pm PST - Friday, 8am - 3pm PST - Saturday and Sunday: Closed - Toll Free: 1-855–ROKFORM (855) 765-3676

What is your warranty policy?

We have a limited 2-year warranty on most of our products. If you have purchased a product with electronics those products have a 1-year warranty. To submit a warranty ticket please email us at info@rokform.com. To view our full Warranty Policy visit this link: https://www.rokform.com/pages/warranty

Where can I find ROKFORM in my area?

A list of authorized Rokform re-sellers can be found at the link below. http://www.rokform.com/resellers-list

How do I contact Customer Service?


Where can I find more information about shipping?


What makes ROKFORM cases different?

We could go on and on! Luckily, we've simplified it for you here: https://www.rokform.com/pages/case-comparison

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